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Research impact guide: Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author ID

Scopus Author ID is designed to make it easier for Scopus and you to:

  • bring together your publications into one set of search results to save time for others when looking for your work
  • save you time measuring the impact of your research

You can find your Author Identifier/s by doing an Author Search in the Scopus database.

You may need to modify your Scopus Author Identifier to ensure it is as accurate as possible. The Scopus Author Feedback Wizard lets you:

  • add or remove publications from your author record
  • correct or update your institutional affiliation

Using the documents attached to your profile you can measure the impact of this research by performing citation analysis on those publications. See the Measure impact tab for details.

 See our comparison chart to help decide if the Scopus Author Identifier meets your needs.


The Scopus Author Identifier is generated automatically within Scopus to group an author's papers based on name (and name variants), institution, and publication area.

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