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Research impact guide: ORCID



is an Open Researcher and Contributor ID that gives a unique, persistent identifier to researchers. It distinguishes you from every other researcher, ensuring you get credit for your research activities and outputs.

ORCID enables a transparent, permanent record of your research and scholarly communication. Researchers with an ORCID are instantly identifiable, and connected with all their research outputs, including publications, grants and datasets.

UNSW recognises that ORCID is an essential tool for all UNSW researchers. 

How do I get an ORCID iD?

  • Log in to ROS and click on the Add your ORCID link to register. It's quick and easy to register and connect your research to your new ORCID iD. 
  • By registering via ROS you will also link the ORCID iD to your ROS profile. 
  • Once set up as a trusted source, ROS can claim publications from your ORCID profile automatically for you.
  • Don't forget to use your ORCID iD on every research activity or output to ensure your ORCID iD connects all of your research.

Already have an ORCID iD?

Add it to your ROS profile to improve the accuracy of your search settings.

 See our ORCID page for more information or contact your Faculty Outreach Librarian


Log in to ROS to create or add your ORCID


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