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Research impact guide: ResearcherID

Thomson Reuters ResearcherID

Web of Science's ResearcherID profile provides:

  • a unique identifier for your publications, to separate them from authors with different names
  • several citation metrics
  • some citer analysis tools to help you measure the impact of your research

One of the useful features of the ResearcherID is that you can upload your publication list from EndNote and it will search Web of Science to attempt to match those publications and measure their impact.

You can also claim publications directly via the Web of Science database and have them added to your profile immediately. These publications will display citation information that is used for the built-in citation tools.

Setting up a saved search for your publications (Save History/Create Alert) will notify you of new publications in Web of Science and is an easy way to prompt you to update your ResearcherID profile.

The registration process for a ResearcherID is quick and straight forward.

Visit the Web of Knowledge website for information about

  • getting started with a ResearcherID
  • claiming publications from Web of Science
  • integrating ResearcherID with ORCID

 See our comparison chart to help decide if ResearcherID meets your needs.


The ResearcherID profile is associated with the database Web of Science. It aims to provide researchers with a unique identifier to help separate their publications from publications by authors with similar names.

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