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Collection updates

Accessing resources

For staff, postgraduate and honours students the Library offers an interlibrary loan service for items not held within our collection. For more information please visit the Interlibrary loan page. 

Available to all UNSW staff and students is the LibKey Nomad browser extension which connects UNSW users with our resources from PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Wikipedia and Google Scholar. For more information on how to install the browser extension visit the Access to online resources page.

Purchase requests

Purchase requests are available for PhD candidates and academic researchers for scholarly monographs.

Teaching academics are able to make purchase recommendations via Leganto.

For more information visit the requesting new resources page. 

Students should contact their subject specialist librarian via Expert on demand to assist them in locating resources for their research.


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No longer available   Change in access  

Altmetric for Institutions 

Alternative resources:

American Psychological Association databases will move from the Ovid platform to ProQuest in 2021. 

UNSW will have continued access to PsycINFO, PsycARTICLES and PsycBOOKS.

UNSW will no longer have access to PsycTESTS and PsycEXTRA. 


Alternative resources:

Cabell's directories of publishing opportunities

UNSW will have continued access to the Business Set. 

Alternative resources for other disciplines:

Australian Accounting and Auditing Standards Online

Alternative resources:


UNSW will continue to have access to the English content. 

Australian Associated Press directories

Connect 4

UNSW will continue to have access to Annual Reports and Prospectuses modules. 

Alternative resource:


UNSW will no longer have access to the following databases:

  • Education index retrospective
  • Legal index retrospective
  • Short story index retrospective
  • Communication abstracts
  • Family studies abstracts
  • Index to legal periodicals and books
  • Left index 
  • Peace research abstracts
  • Public administration abstracts
  • Race relations abstracts
  • Urban studies abstracts
  • Historical abstracts with full text
  • America: History and life
  • World history: Ancient and Medieval eras
  • World history: The modern era



UNSW will continue to have access to the following databases in 2021:

  • Art index retrospective
  • Criminal Justice abstracts
  • Family & society studies worldwide
  • Human resources abstracts
  • Music index
  • International security & counter-terrorism reference centre
  • Sportdiscus
  • Violence & abuse abstracts
  • Women's studies international
  • Book review digest retrospective
  • EBSCO Architectural digest magazine archive
  • Readers' guide retrospective
  • Art & architecture complete
  • Business source premier
  • Communication and mass media
  • Environment complete
  • International bibliography of theatre & dance with full text
  • Modern genocide: Understanding causes & consequences
  • World at war: Understanding conflict & society
  • Avery index to architectural periodicals
  • RILM abstracts of music literature
  • MLA International bibliography

Bloomberg BNA Tax and Accounting center

Some overlap with IBFD taxation news.


Will be resubscribed in 2022

UNSW will have access to the 2021 content for the following journals:

  • American mineralogist
  • Economic geology and Bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists
  • Geophysics
  • Journal of sedimentary research

UNSW has access to all content published between 2008-2020. 

Some GeoScienceWorld journals are now open access or available via UNSW's EBSCO Environment complete subscription. 

Britannica ImageQuest 

Alternative resources:

CAB Abstracts (OVID)

Archive available - 1910 - 1972

China Geo Explorer II from China Data Online

Alternative resource:


CIAO: Columbia international affairs online 

Alternative resources: 


De Gruyter's Birkhauser Building Types Online 

Alternative resource: 



Alternative resources:


Electronic International Financial Reporting Standards (eIFRS)


Emcare (OVID)

Alternative resource:


Engineering Village includes the following databases:

  • Inspec
  • Geobase
  • GeoRef
  • Compendex
  • EI Patents

Duplication was found with Dimensions, Web of Science and Scopus.


Europa World

Alternative resource:


Faculty Opinions (previously known as F1000 Prime) and SciWheel (previously known as F1000 Workspace)

F1000 Research is available open access. 


Gale Digital scholar lab

Alternative resource: 


Global Arbitration Review


Global Health (OVID)



No longer available   Change in access  

Faculty Opinions (previously known as F1000 Prime) and SciWheel (previously known as F1000 Workspace)

F1000 Research is available open access. 

Hein Online

The UNSW Library will continue to provide access to:

Access to the following content is now available through these sources:

Gale Digital scholar lab

Alternative resource: 


UNSW has access to the following:

  • Australian Industry Research Reports
  • Australian Specialized Industry Reports
  • Australian Company Reports
  • Australian SME Reports 

UNSW will no longer have access to:

  • Industry Risk Reports
  • Chinese Industry Research Reports
  • NZ Industry Reports
Global Arbitration Review

IEA Statistics                                            

UNSW will have access to content published prior to 2021.

Global Health (OVID)


Reduced resources but continued access to EduTV and  the following collections: 

  • APAFT 
  • AGIS Plus
  • A+ Education
  • Families and Society
  • Health
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Indigenous
  • Literature and Culture 

Content from 2007-2012 will remain available through the TV News archive.

ICC Digital Library Dispute Resolution


In 2022 the UNSW Library will provide access to these subject areas on Knovel:

  • Aerospace & Radar Technology (650+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Chemistry & Chemical Engineering (900+ ebooks and other resources)
  • General Engineering & Project Administration (1,000+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Marine Engineering & Naval Architecture (200+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Mechanics & Mechanical Engineering (950+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Oil & Gas Engineering (850+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Sustainable Energy & Development (550+ ebooks and other resources)
  • Textiles (100+ ebooks and other resources)
Investor State Law Guide



UNSW Library will continue to provide access to some titles in the Knovel database on other eBook platforms.

Alternative resource:



No longer available   Change in access  


UNSW will no longer have access to the following databases. Please refer to the continued access list to the right. 

Contact your Outreach Librarians

  • Bulletins/newsletter  – various
    Alternative resources: Westlaw News and Current Awareness, Factiva
  • Case Reports series – various
    Alternative resources: all case law available in public domain (AustLII and Courts’ websites) - MNC available on FirstPoint or CaseBase. See the Case law guide 
  • Commentary – various
    Alternative resources: Westlaw AU, CCH Library, search the Library collection for hard copies of commentaries, or eBooks relating to specific areas of law.
  • Australian Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents 
  • Halsbury’s Laws of Australia
    Alternative resources: The Laws of Australia and other commentary
  • Capital Monitor
    Alternative resources:  various current awareness media. Parliamentary websites for Hansard and second reading speeches, Factiva, APO: Analysis & Policy Observatory. 
  • LawNow
    Alternative resources: Legislation on official websites, CaseBase and FirstPoint for judicial consideration of legislation
  • Practical Guidance – various 
  • Unreported judgements – Australia 
    Alternative resources: all case law available in public domain – MNC available on FirstPoint or CaseBase
  • NZ Law Journal 
    Alternative resources: AGIS Plus offers Australian and New Zealand secondary materials. Multiple legal periodicals available in print and online through the UNSW Library collection


UNSW will continue to have access to the following collections in 2021:


  • Case Reports series: 
    - Administrative Law Decisions 
    - Australian Corporation & Securities Reports 
    - Butterworths Property reports 
    - Family Law Reports 
  • Commentaries - Australian Corporation Law Principles & Practice, Australian Family Law, Australian Tenancy Law & Practice, Carter on Contract, Communications Law & Policy in Australia, Conveyancing Service NSW, Copyright & Designs, Criminal Practice & Procedure NSW, Cross on Evidence, Ford, Austin & Ramsay's Principles of Corporations Law, Local Government Planning and Environment NSW Vols A, B, C, D, Mason and Handler Succession Law and Practice NSW, Native Title (Service + Newsletter), Patents, Trade Marks & Related Rights, Kelly & Ball Principles of Insurance Law, Statutory Interpretation in Australia 9ed 2019, Civil Procedures Vic, Practice & Procedure High Court & Federal Court of Australia, Ritchie's Uniform Civil Procedure NSW 
  • Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary 
  • Journals – all retained except NZLJ (refer to Lexis Advanced Research subscribed content
  • CaseBase
  • Practical Guidance – various  
  • UK content - All England Law Reports and CaseSearch, Halsbury’s Annotations, Halsbury's Laws of England 

Lexis Advance International 

Alternative resources:

The Library’s current subscription covers the following jurisdictions: Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom and Europe.

Lloyd's Maritime and Commercial Law package  


No longer available   Change in access  

National Construction Code

The National Construction Code is now only available in the NCC Suite.

  • Register or Log in to access this resource.
  • NCC can be accessed by searching across the three volumes using the Search the NCC box (top right) or viewing/downloading a volume. 

Australian Standards referenced in the NCC can be accessed via SAI Global

  • Create an account in SAI Global to view standards. (Licensing permits a limited number of concurrent users, if access is unavailable try again in 15 minutes.) 
  • Use the Quick Search box to search the standard referenced in NCC. 
  • Click to view document. Australian Standards can be downloaded. 

For assistance with NCC or SAI Global, contact a librarian using Expert on Demand 


Alternative resource:

Oxford Public International Law

UNSW will no longer have access to:

  • Oxford reports on international law 
  • Oxford international organisations 


McGraw-Hill Access Surgery

Most used titles from Access surgery are available in Access Medicine

Project Muse

UNSW will have continued access to 233 journals through the Basic Research Collection which includes the journals that have high usage and are highly cited.

Mergent online  

Alternative resources:


SAI Global

SAI Global has introduced a new way of accessing standards commencing 30 April 2021.

When accessing the standards for the first time from this date, users will be prompted to install two free plug-ins, FileOpen and Adobe Reader, before content can be viewed. Contact UNSW IT if you have difficulties downloading these plug-ins.


  • downloaded standards cannot be shard, as this contravenes UNSW Library’s licence agreement with SAI Global
  • multiple downloads of standards are permitted, enabling individuals to have a personal copy
  • sessions last for 30 minutes, and the Library has a five concurrent user licence
  • when finished, log out so that others can access the resource

National Geographic virtual library             


De Gruyter are no longer updating this database however UNSW will continue to have access to the current content. 

Naxos Music Library- Jazz 

Naxos Spoken Word Library 

Access to Naxos Music Library remains through the Library website.


Springer Materials 

UNSW Library will continue to have access to the Landolt-BoĢˆrnstein database from 1961-2014.

The Inorganic Solid Phases content from the Pauling Files is available in ASM Alloy Phase Diagram Center

Oxford Art Online

Alternative resource:


Oxford Constitutions of the World 

Alternative resource:


Readex Collections

  • Early American Imprints Series 1: Evans
  • Early American Imprints Series 1: Evans - Supplements
  • Early American Imprints Series 2: Shaw-Shoemaker
  • Early American Imprints Series 2: Shaw-Shoemaker - Supplements
  • Early American Newspapers Series 1: 1690-1876
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service Reports, 1941-1974
  • Foreign Broadcast Information Service Reports, 1974-1996



Alternative resource:


Science of Synthesis


SSRN (Social Science Research Network)

  • Accounting Research Network
  • Economics Research Network
  • Financial Economics Network
  • Legal Scholarship Network
  • Management Research Network

Most content is free to access on SSRN. The LibKey Nomad browser extension can give access to any content subscribed to by UNSW Library. Most SSRN networks are free to join, and personal subscriptions are available on other networks.



Alternative resources:



No longer available   Change in access  

Trade Law Guide

Tax Institute 

Reduced number of users to 25 concurrent users

Wiley's Spectra Lab 

Alternative resource:

Zoological Record (OVID)

Access to the archive from 1864 - 2020

World Bank e-Library

Alternative resources:


World Trade Online