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Collection updates

Accessing resources

For staff, postgraduate and honours students the Library offers an interlibrary loan service for items not held within our collection. For more information please visit the Interlibrary loan page. 

Available to all UNSW staff and students is the LibKey Nomad browser extension which connects UNSW users with our resources from PubMed, Scopus, Web of Science, Wikipedia and Google Scholar. For more information on how to install the browser extension visit the Access to online resources page.

Purchase requests

Purchase requests are available for PhD candidates and academic researchers for scholarly monographs.

Teaching academics are able to make purchase recommendations via Leganto.

For more information visit the requesting new resources page. 

Students should contact their subject specialist librarian via Expert on demand to assist them in locating resources for their research.

Encyclopedias and Reference Works

No longer available Change in access
Australian Encyclopedia of Forms and Precedents Encyclopaedic Australian Legal Dictionary 

Bibliography of British and Irish History 

Wiley's Online Reference Works

UNSW will have access to content published prior to 2021 for the following titles:

  • Bergey's manual of systematics of archaea and bacteria
  • Comprehensive Physiology
  • eLS: Encyclopedia of Life Sciences 
  • eMagRes
  • Encyclopedia of Aerospace Engineering
  • Encyclopedia of Ancient History
  • Encyclopedia of Applied Linguistics
  • Encyclopedia of Polymer Science & Technology
  • International Tables for Crystallography
  • Kirk-Othmer Encyclopedia of Chemical Technology
  • Patai's Chemistry of Functional Groups
  • The International Encyclopedia of Ethics
British Pharmacopoeia

Macquarie Dictionary

Will be resubscribed in 2022.

Alternative resource:

Chicago Manual of Style 

Alternative resources: 

  • Chicago Manual of Style quick guide
  • Tools to help with referencing in Chicago Style- UNSW Library's Managing references webpage provides information on accessing EndNote and RefWorks which allow you to format references in the Chicago style
  • Online guides to Chicago style are available, e.g. Murdoch University Library’s Chicago referencing guide and The University of Sydney Library’s Chicago 17th A style


Data Metallogenica

Encyclopedia of Astronomy and Astrophysics  
Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems   
Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures Online   

European Pharmacopoeia

Alternative resource:

Hague Academy Collected Courses Online  
Jacoby Online  
Literary Encyclopedia   

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Alternative resources: