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Student guide to Leganto

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Course code Course name
ADAD9211 Hybrid Crafting
ADAD9212 Material Thinking
CDEV2000 Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
DART1120 Painting 1: Foundations
DART1200 Media Arts Gateway 1
DART1210 Animation 1
DART1310 Australian Art
DART2101 Studio Art Practice 4
DART2110 Drawing 2
DART2120 Painting 2
DART2231 Moving Image 3
DART2311 East Asian Contemporary Art
DART3101 Studio Art Practice 6
DART3120 Painting 3
DART3130 Photography 3
DART3330 Art and the Anthropocene
DART3331 Peripheral Visions
DART4102 Fine Arts Honours Research 2
DDES1120 Object 1
DDES1130 Experience 1
DDES1140 Graphics 1
DDES1150 Interaction 1
DDES1160 Textiles 1
DDES1200 Design History and Theory 1
DDES2100 Design Studio 3
DDES2120 Object 2: Objects and the Place
DDES2121 Object 3: Objects and the World
DDES2130 Experience 2
DDES2131 Experience 3
DDES2140 Graphics 2
DDES2141 Graphics 3
DDES2150 Interaction 2
DDES2160 Textiles 2
DDES2161 Textiles 3
DDES3101 Design Studio 6
DDES3200 Design History and Theory 4
DDES9903 Narrative and Sensemaking
REGZ9000 University Orientation & Study Skills
SAHT9122 Audience Engagement
SAHT9143 Design History and Theory 1
SDES4205 Information Graphics
SDES9204 Design Insight and Processes
SDES9210 Critical Approaches to Design
SDES9211 Culture and Identity
SDES9312 Human-Centred Design Methods 2
SDES9748 Jewellery Studio
Course code Course name
ADAD0901Graphics and Contemporary Society
CDEV2000Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
DART1120Painting 1: Foundations
DART1130Photography 1: Foundations
DART1200Media Arts Gateway 1
DART1300Histories of Contemporary Art: Part 1
DART1302Theories of Art History & Culture
DART1350Media Arts Histories
DART2110Drawing 2
DART2120Painting 2
DART2130Photography 2: Studio Processes
DART2210 Animation 2
DART2321Sensing the Arts
DART3100Studio Art Practice 5
DART3120Painting 3
DART3310Global Contemporary Art
DART9200Major Exhibitions and Events
DDES1120Object 1
DDES1130Experience 1: Spaces and senses
DDES1140 Graphics 1
DDES1150Interaction 1
DDES1160Textiles 1
DDES1200 Design History and Theory 1
DDES2120Object 2
DDES2130 Experience 2
DDES2140Graphics 2: Identity and Form
DDES2160Textiles 2
DDES3100Design Studio 5
DDES3100Design Studio 5
DDES9920Information Architecture for Immersive Aesthetics
SAHT9117Contemporary Curating
SAHT9138Global Contemporary Art
SAHT9143Design History and Theory 1
SAHT9310SAHT9310 Exhibiting Cultures
SAHT9310SAHT9310 Exhibiting Cultures
SDES9203 Entrepreneurship & Creativity
SDES9204Design Insights: Agency and impact
SDES9210Critical Approaches to Design
SDES9211Culture and Identity
SDES9311 Interaction Design Foundation
SDES9315Tangible Interfaces
SDES9760Introduction to Graphics Media
Course code Course name
CDEV1112Creating your Career: Employability for the Future
DART1120Painting 1: Foundations
DART1130 Photography 1: Foundations
DART1131Digital Fine Art Photography
DART1210Animation 1
DART1211Expanded Animation
DART1230Moving Image 1
DART1301Histories of Contemporary Art 2
DART1351Critical Discourses in Media Arts
DART2212Rigging for Animation
DART2310Right Here Right Now: Aboriginal Art Since 1984
DART2341Art, Exhibitions and Institutions
DART3320Art, Gender, and Sexuality
DART3340Socially Engaged Art
DDES1120Object 1 - Objects and the Hand
DDES1130Experience 1: Spaces and Senses
DDES1140Graphics 1 - Image and Type
DDES1150Interaction 1 - Principles and Practices
DDES1160Textiles 1: Concepts and Context
DDES1201Design History and Theory 2
DDES2102Design Professional Practice
DDES2131Experience 3: Spaces for Performance
DDES2141Graphics 3: Place and Space
DDES2161Textiles 3: Future Textiles
SAHT9131Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia-Pacific
SAHT9204Histories of Contemporary Art
SAHT9212Right Here Right Now: Aboriginal Art Since 1984
SAHT9310Exhibiting Cultures
SDES2463Graphics Media: Typography and Publication Design
SDES3166Jewellery Design for Fashion
SDES9211Integrated Studio: Culture and Identity
SDES9214Design Studio Project 2: Final Design
SDES9746Textiles: Contemporary Studio
SDES9760Introduction to Graphics Media
SDES9761Contemporary Typography