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Course code Course name
ADAD2402Tangible Interactions
ADAD9114Research Foundations in Art and Design
DART1120Painting 1: Foundations
DART1130Photography 1: Foundations
DART1201Media Arts Gateway 2
DART1210Animation 1
DART1230Moving Image 1
DART1303Theories and Practices of Cross-Disciplinary Art
DART1310Australian Art
DART2311East Asian Contemporary Art
DART2320Art and the Body
DART3331Peripheral Visions: The Ethnographic Camera
DART3390Critical Theories of Photography
DART4202Media Arts Honours Research Project 2
DDES1120Object 1 - Objects and the Hand
DDES1130Experience 1 - Spaces and Senses
DDES1140Graphics 1 - Image and Type
DDES1160Textiles 1 - Concepts and Context
DDES1290Australian Design History
DDES4102Design Honours Studio Research Project 2
DIPP1111Intro to Leadership and PP
REGZ9000Uni Orientation& Study Skills1
SAHT9118Capstone Project
SAHT9122Audience Engagement
SAHT9124Cultural Management and Policy
SART2409Sculpture Performance & Installation: Visual Poetics
SART3417Photographies: Expanded Fields
SART9205Project Paper
SDES2406Graphics Media: Visual Communication
SDES2407Graphics Media: Experimental Typography
SDES2409Jewellery Production: Synergies between Hand and Machine
SDES2415Experimental Design
SDES3401Smart Textiles and New Technologies
SDES3407Graphics Media: Data Visualisation, Interactives and Wayfinding
SDES3409Jewellery: Contextual Issues through Bodyworks
SDES3414Integrated Project
SDES3801UNSW Piaggio Lab
SDES4205Information Graphics: Design and Visualising Data
SDES9210Critical Approaches to Design Practice
SDES9312Interaction Design: Human-Centred Design Methods
SOMA2409Animated Worlds
SOMA2411CGI Lens Laboratory
SOMA3411Visual Effects Project
SOMA3417Virtual Control Systems and 3D Surfaces

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