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Course code Course name
ADAD9311Designing the Experience: Exhibitions and Beyond
ADAD9312Leadership in the Cultural and Creative Industries
DART1120Painting 1: Foundations
DART1130Photography 1: Foundations
DART1140Printmaking 1: Foundations
DART1230Moving Image 1
DART1250Interactive Media 1
DART1301Histories of Contemporary Art 2
DART2341Art, Exhibitions and Institutions
DART3320Art, Gender, and Sexuality
DDES1120Object 1 - Objects and the Hand
DDES1130Experience 1 - Spaces and Senses
DDES1140Graphics 1 - Image and Type
DDES1150Interaction 1 - Principles and Practices
DDES1201Design History and Theory 2
DDES4103Design Hnrs Studio Rsch Pjct 2
DDES4103Design Hnrs Studio Rsch Pjct 2
SAHT9131Visual and Museum Cultures of the Asia-Pacific Region
SAHT9204Histories of Contemporary Art 2
SAHT9310Exhibiting Cultures
SART9102Lens and Studio Craft
SART9205Project Paper
SDES3801UNSW Piaggio Lab
SDES9204Design Studio: Insight, Processes and Communication
SDES9210Critical Approaches to Design Practice
SDES9211Integrated Studio: Culture and Identity
SDES9760Introduction to Graphics Media
SDES9761Graphics Media: Contemporary Typography

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