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Course code Course name
ADAD0901Graphics and Contemporary Society
CDEV3000Practice of Work
CDEV3000Practice of Work (Co-NNECTIONS)
DART1120Painting 1: Foundations
DART1210Animation 1
DART1300Histories of Contemporary Art: Part 1
DART1302Theories of Art History and Culture
DART1340Contexts for Art
DART2110Drawing 2: Studio Processes
DART2120Painting 2: Studio Processes
DART2130Photography 2: Studio Processes
DART2140Printmaking 2: Studio Processes
DART2230Moving Image 2: Studio Processes
DART2250Interactive Media 2
DART2321Sensing the Arts
DART2330Ecomedia Art Practices
DART3310Art in the 21st Century
DART3321Affect in Art
DDES1100Design Studio 1 - Design Narratives
DDES1160Textiles 1 - Concepts and Contexts
DDES1200Design History and Theory 1
DDES2130Experience 2: Spaces of Exhibition
DDES2140Graphics 2: Identity and Form
DDES2160Textiles 2: Experimental Textiles
DDES2200Design History and Theory 3
DDES9914Managing Immersive Projects
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills 1
SAHT9117Contemporary Curating: Theories and Practices
SAHT9138Art in the 21st Century
SAHT9143Design History and Theory 1
SAHT9310Exhibiting Cultures
SART3416Photography: Public & Private
SDES2167Textiles for Fashion
SDES3406Graphics Media: Visual Identity
SDES3414Integrated Project
SDES9204Design Studio: Insight, Processes and Communication
SDES9311Interaction Design Foundations
SDES9315Tangible Interfaces and Interactive Displays
SDES9760Introduction to Graphics Media

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