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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
CDEV3000Practice of Work
COMM1000Creating Social Change WEB
COMM1100Business Decision Making
COMM5701Social Impact Online
COMM5701Social Impact F2F
Course code Course name
ACCT3303Industry Placement 3
ACCT5942Corporate Accounting & Regulation
ACCT5996Management Accounting and Business Analysis
ACTL1101Introduction to Actuarial Studies
ACTL4302Risk and Capital Management
ACTL4305Actuarial Data Analytic Applications
ACTL5108Finance and Financial Reporting for Actuaries
ACTL5302Risk and Capital Management
ACTL5305Actuarial Data Analytic Applications
ATSI2011Indigenous Australian Political History
ATSI3002Gendered Identities
CDEV3000Practice of Work
COMM1000Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact F2F
COMM1000Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact ONLINE
COMM1000Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact
COMM2233Industry Consulting Project
COMM2501Data Visualisation and Communication
COMM5030Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM5205Leading Change for Sustainability F2F
COMM5701Social Impact F2F
COMM5701Social Impact ONLINE
COMM5703Social Impact Investment
COMM5707Social Impact Field Project
COMM5710Creating Shared Value ONLINE
COMM5713Collaboration for Social Impact ONLINE
COMM5714Social Impact Capstone
COMM8002Advanced Quantitative Research Design and Methods
ECON1101Microeconomics 1
ECON1203Business & Economic Statistics
ECON1401Economic Perspectives
ECON2127Environmental Economics
ECON3125Economics of Health and Human Capital
ECON6314Economic Development in China
FINS1613Business Finance
FINS3641Security Analysis & Valuation
FINS3655Behavioural Finance
FINS3666Trading & Market Making
FINS5511Corporate Finance
FINS5517Applied Portfolio Management & Modelling
FINS5566Trading & Market Making
INFS2603Business Analysis
INFS5710IT Infrastructure for Business Analytics
MARK1012Marketing Fundamentals
MARK2060Event Management and Marketing
MARK3087Customer Analytics
MARK3092Brand Management
MARK4212Quantitative Methods & Models in Marketing
MARK5700Elements of Marketing
MARK5811Applied Marketing Research
MARK5816Services Marketing Management
MARK5821Brand Management
MARK5827Customer Analytics
MARK8997Quantitative Methods & Models in Marketing
MBAX6272Change Skills
MBAX6274MBAX6274-Systems for Change
MBAX9127Supply Chain Management
MBAX9135Business Analytics
MBAX9141Mergers and Acquisitions
MGMT2105East Asian Business Enterprise
MGMT2726Business Ethics and Sustainability
MGMT3101International Business Strategy
MGMT3701Legal Aspects of Employment
MGMT5050Professional Skills & Ethics
MGMT5601Global Business & Multinational Enterprise
MGMT5711Legal Aspects of Employment
MGMT5907Human Resource Management
MGMT5908Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT6005Managing Organisational Risk in Global Context
MNGT5541Advanced Topics in Management
MNGT6712Negotiation Skills
TABL3016Critical Perspectives & Ethics
TABL3023Principles of Goods and Services Tax Law
TABL3732International Franchise Law
TABL3757Corporate Tax Strategy
TABL5508International Tax: Anti-Avoidance
TABL5511Legal Foundations of Business
TABL5512Legal Foundations for Accountants
TABL5523Principles of Goods and Services Tax Law
TABL5538Tax Planning & Anti Avoidance Provisions
TABL5541Corporations and Business Associations Law
TABL5557Corporate Tax Strategy
TABL5571International Franchise Law
TABL5575Tax Policy
TABL5805Research Methods in Taxation & Business Law
TABL5810Dissertation Proposal
ZZBU6004Foundations of Marketing
ZZBU6501Introductory Data Analysis
ZZBU6502Analytics and Business
ZZBU6505Data and Ethics
ZZBU6507Data Visualisation and Communication
ZZBU6508Analytics and Consulting
ZZBU6509Financial Modelling
ZZBU6511Predictive Analytics
ZZBU8501FinTech Ecosystem & Industry Insights
ZZBU8502Decentralised Finance
Course code Course name
ACCT1511Accounting and Financial Management 1B
ACCT2542Corporate Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACTL3142Actuarial data and analysis
ATSI2004Popular Culture Indigenous Australia
ATSI3005Race, Colonialism and Whiteness
CDEV3000Practice of Work
COMM1000Creating Social Change: From Innovation to Impact (Online)
COMM1000Creating Social Change: From Innovations to Impact
COMM5030Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM5203Social & Environmental Outcomes Measurement
COMM5701Social Impact ONLINE
COMM5703Social Impact Investment
COMM5704Demonstrating Social Impact
COMM5706Design for Social Innovation
COMM5709Corporate Responsibility and Accountability
COMM5714Social Impact Capstone
COMM5902Leadership for Social Impact
COMM8102Econometric Analysis
ECON2101Microeconomics 2
ECON2103Business and Government
ECON2104Applied Macroeconomics
ECON3101Markets and Frictions
ECON3106Politics and Economics
ECON3110Development Economics
ECON3119Political Economy of Capitalism
ECON3130Real Estate Economics
ECON5306Politics and Economics
ECON5310Development Economics
ECON5319Political Economy of Capitalism
ECON5330Real Estate Economics and Public Policy
FINS1612Capital Markets & Institution
FINS3626International Corporate Governance
FINS3641Security Analysis & Valuation
FINS5511Corporate Finance
FINS5513Investments & Portfolio Selection
FINS5531Risk and Insurance
FINS5535Derivatives & Risk Management Techniques
FINS5568Capstone: Portfolio Management Process
INFS1602Digital Transformation in Business
INFS3603Introduction to Business Analytics
INFS4854Information Systems Strategy
INFS5700Introduction to Business Analytics
INFS5731Information Systems Strategy and Management
MARK1012Marketing Fundamentals
MARK5811Applied Marketing Research
MBAX9123Corporate Finance
MGMT1001Managing Organisations and People
MGMT2010Innovation & Entrepreneurship
MGMT2705Industrial Relations
MGMT2718Human Resource Management
MGMT3101International Business Strategy
MGMT3728Managing Pay and Performance
MGMT5050Professional Skills & Ethics
MGMT5611Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management
MGMT5701Global Employment Relation
MGMT5800Technonlogy, Management & Innovation
MGMT5907Human Resource Management
MMGT6001Managing Yourself and Others
MNGT5232Data Analysis and Statistical Modelling for Business
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills (UPP) 1
RISK2002Risk Analytics
RISK5002Risk Tools
TABL2751Business Taxation
TABL2756International Business Tax
TABL3003Taxation of Corporations
TABL3020Principles of Australian International Taxation
TABL3028International Tax: Design & Structure
TABL3752Capital Gains Tax
TABL3761Law of Banking and Finance
TABL3781Intellectual Property for Business
TABL5503Taxation of Corporations
TABL5515Taxation of Capital Gains
TABL5517Intellectual Property for Business
TABL5518Consolidations & Group Structures
TABL5520Principles of Australian International Taxation
TABL5528International Tax: Design & Structure
TABL5541Corporations and Business Associations Law
TABL5550PrinciplesTax Transfer Pricing
TABL5552Capital Gains Tax
TABL5805Research Methods in Taxation & Business Law
TABL5901Principles of Australian Taxation Law
ZZBU5611Strategic Decision Making
ZZBU6503Managing People, Analytics and Change
ZZBU6509Financial Modelling