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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
ACCT2511Financial Accounting Fundamentals
ACCT3563Issues in Financial Reporting and Analysis
ACCT3583Management Accounting 2
ACCT3601Global Financial Reporting & Analysis
ACCT5931Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT5996Management Accounting and Business Analysis
ACTL4305Actuarial Data Analytic Applications
ACTL5108Finance for Actuaries
ACTL5305Actuarial Data Analytic Applications
AGSM6131Leadership WEB1
AGSM6131Leadership CAN
AGSM6131Leadership Fortn
AGSM6131Leadership INT
AGSM6131Leadership MEL
AGSM6131Leadership PTH
AGSM6131Leadership VC
AGSM6131Leadership WEB1
AGSM6131Leadership WEB2
AGSM6143Strategy Fortn1
AGSM6143Strategy Fortn2
AGSM6143Strategy INT
AGSM6143Strategy VC1
AGSM6143Strategy VC2
AGSM6143Strategy WEB1
AGSM6143Strategy WEB2
AGSM6143Strategy WEB3
AGSM6143Strategy WEB4
AGSM6210Accounting and Financial Management
AGSM6234Data Analytics and Decision-making Fortn
AGSM6234Data Analytics and Decision-making WEB1
AGSM6234Data Analytics and Decision-making WEB2
AGSM6234Data Analytics and Decision-making WEB3
AGSM6275Managing People and Organisations INT
AGSM6275Managing People and Organisations VC
AGSM6275Managing People and Organisations WEB1
AGSM6275Managing People and Organisations WEB2
AGSM9101Project Management VC
AGSM9101Project Management WEB
AGSM9132Intrapreneurship VC
AGSM9138Financial Analysis WEB
AGSM9141Mergers and Acquisitions VC
AGSM9141Mergers and Acquisitions WEB
AGSM9150Digital Innovation INT
AGSM9150Digital Innovation WEB
AGSM9151Law, Regulation and Ethics WEB1
AGSM9151Law, Regulation and Ethics WEB2
AGSM9152Digital Strategy VC
AGSM9152Digital Strategy WEB
AGSM9153Implementing Strategy INT
AGSM9153Implementing Strategy WEB
AGSM9154Managing with Digital Technology VC
AGSM9154Managing with Digital Technology WEB
AGSM9155Strategic Consulting Project WEB
AGSM9271Approaches to Change WEB
AGSM9272Change Skills WEB
AGSM9274Systems for Change WEB
AGSM9712Negotiation Skills INT1
AGSM9712Negotiation Skills INT2
ATSI1012Aboriginal Sydney
ATSI2011Indigenous Political History
ATSI3003Cultural Heritage & Environment
ATSI3008Indigenous Studies Capstone
CDEV2000Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
COMM1000Creating Social Change
COMM1100Business Decision Making
COMM1140Financial Management
COMM1150Global Business Environments
COMM1170Organisational Resources
COMM1180Value Creation
COMM1190Data, Insights and Decisions
COMM1900Organisations in their Environment
COMM2233Industry Consulting Project
COMM2501Data Visualisation and Communication
COMM3030Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM3303Industry-Research Integrated Learning
COMM5005Quantitative Methods for Business
COMM5010Strategy, Marketing and Management
COMM5011Data Analysis for Business
COMM5030Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM5203Social and Environmental Outcomes Measurement
COMM5205Leading Change for Sustainability
COMM5501Data Visualisation and Communication
COMM5701Social Impact - Online
COMM5703Social Impact Investment
COMM5707Social Impact Field Project
COMM5710Creating Shared Value
COMM5713Collaboration for Social Impact
COMM5714Social Impact Capstone
COMM8002Advanced Quantitative Research Design and Methods
ECON1401Economic Perspectives
ECON2102Macroeconomics 2
ECON2111Intro to Economic Development
ECON2206Introductory Econometrics
ECON3110Development Economics
ECON3125Economics of Health & Human Capital
ECON4301/ECON7301Industrial Organisation
ECON5103Business Economics
ECON5310Development Economics
FINS2615Intermediate Business Finance
FINS3625Applied Corporate Finance
FINS3641Security Analysis & Valuation
FINS3655Behavioural Finance
FINS5512Financial Markets & Institutions
FINS5513Investments & Portfolio Selection
FINS5514Capital Budgeting and Financial Decisions
FINS5568Capstone - Portfolio Management Process
INFS2603Business Analysis
INFS3700UX & IT Service Design
INFS3873Business Analytics Methods
INFS4831/INFS5831Information Systems Consulting
INFS5604Business Process Management
INFS5720Business Analytics Methods
MARK2012Marketing Management
MARK2052Marketing Research
MARK2071International & Global Marketing
MARK2085Consumer Centric Innovation
MARK3054Marketing Analytics
MARK3082Strategic Marketing
MARK3087Customer Analytics
MARK4210/MARK8995Business Research Method in Marketing
MARK4212/MARK8997Quantitative Methods & Models
MARK5811Applied Marketing Research
MARK5816Services Marketing
MARK5821Brand Management
MARK5827Customer Analytics
MARK5830Marketing Analytics Project
MBAE7502Executive Strategy: Growth and Innovation Cohort G
MBAE7502Executive Strategy: Growth and Innovation Cohort H
MBAE7503Executive Strategy: Disruption and Transformation Cohort D
MBAE7503Executive Strategy: Disruption and Transformation Cohort E
MBAE7504Executive Strategy: Leadership Immersion Cohort A
MBAE7504Executive Strategy: Leadership Immersion Cohort B
MBAE7504Executive Strategy: Leadership Immersion Cohort C
MFIN6210Empirical Studies in Financ
MFIN6214Financial Theory & Policy
MGMT3701Legal Aspects of Employment
MGMT3724Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT5050Prof Skills & Ethics
MGMT5601Global Business and Multinational Enterprise
MGMT5710Managing and Leading People
MGMT5908Strategic Human Resource Management
MGMT6005Managing Org Risk Globally
MNGT5234Data Analytics and Decision-making
MNGT5272Managing People and Organisations
MNGT5374Managerial Decision Making
RISK5002Risk Analytics
TABL5544Comparative Tax Systems
TABL5575Tax Policy
TABL5583International Business Tax
ZZBU6004Foundations of Marketing
ZZBU6005Law, Regulation and Ethics
ZZBU6006Strategies for Disruption
ZZBU6103Entrepreneurship & Innovation
ZZBU6501Introductory Data Analysis
ZZBU6503Managing People, Analytics and Change
ZZBU6505Data and Ethics
ZZBU6507Data Visualisation & Communication
ZZBU6508Analytics and Consulting
ZZBU6509Financial Modelling
ZZBU6512Foundation Marketing Analytics
ZZBU6514Managing Customer Analytics
ZZBU6515Marketing Analytics Capstone
ZZBU6601General Analytics Capstone
ZZBU8501FinTech Ecosystem & Industry Insights
ZZBU8502Decentralised Finance
ZZBU8508Tech Disruption in Payments & Transfers
ZZBU8510InsurTech & Financial Risk Management
ZZBU8703International Finance
ZZBU8705Equity Valuation
ZZBU8705Equity Valuation
Course code Course name
ACCT2511 Financial Accounting Fundamentals
ACCT3610 Business Analysis & Valuation
ACCT5906 Financial Literacy for Business Decisions
ACCT5910 Business Analysis & Valuation
ACCT5942 Corporate Accounting & Regulation
ACCT5996 Management Accounting & Business Analysis
ACTL1101 Intro Actuarial Studies
ACTL3143 Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Models for Actuarial Applications
ACTL3143 StoryWall
AGSM6131 Leadership CAN
AGSM6131 Leadership Fortn
AGSM6131 Leadership INT
AGSM6131 Leadership MEL
AGSM6131 Leadership PTH
AGSM6131 Leadership VC1
AGSM6131 Leadership VC2
AGSM6131 Leadership WEB1
AGSM6131 Leadership WEB2
AGSM6131 Leadership WEB3
AGSM6131 Leadership
AGSM6143 Strategy Fortn1
AGSM6143 Strategy Fortn2
AGSM6143 Strategy NT
AGSM6143 Strategy VC1
AGSM6143 Strategy VC2
AGSM6143 Strategy WEB1
AGSM6143 Strategy WEB2
AGSM6234 Data Analytics and Decision Making Fortn1
AGSM6234 Data Analytics and Decision Making Fortn2
AGSM6234 Data Analytics and Decision Making WEB1
AGSM6234 Data Analytics and Decision Making WEB2
AGSM6275 Managing People & Organisation Fortn
AGSM6275 Managing People & Organisation VC1
AGSM6275 Managing People & Organisation WEB1
AGSM6275 Managing People & Organisation WEB2
AGSM9132 Intrapreneurship
AGSM9140 Global Finance WEB
AGSM9150 Digital Innovation WEB
AGSM9152 Digital Strategy INT
AGSM9152 Digital Strategy WEB
AGSM9153 Implementing Strategy WEB1
AGSM9153 Implementing Strategy WEB2
AGSM9154 Managing with Digital Technology
AGSM9156 Entrepreneurship and Innovation WEB
AGSM9271 Approaches to Change INT
AGSM9271 Approaches to Change WEB1
CDEV2000 Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
COMM1000 Creating Social Change
COMM1040 Entrepreneurial Ecosystems
COMM1110 Evidence-Based Problem Solving
COMM1120 Collaboration and Innovation in Business
COMM1150 Global Business Environments
COMM1170 Organisational Resources
COMM1180 Value Creation
COMM1190 Data, Insights and Decisions
COMM1822 Intro to Databases for Business Analytics
COMM2233 Industry Consulting Project
COMM3030 Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM3501 Quantitative Business Analytics
COMM5010 Strategy, Marketing and Management
COMM5030 Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM5701 Social Impact Online
COMM5701 Social Impact
COMM5703 Social Impact Investment Online
COMM5703 Social Impact Investment
COMM5704 Demonstrating Social Impact
COMM5706 Design for Social Innovation F2F
COMM5707 Social Impact Field Project
COMM5709 Corporate Responsibility and Accountability
COMM5714 Social Impact Capstone
COMM5902 Leadership for Social Impact
ECON3106 Politics and Economics
ECON3210 Big Data Econometrics
ECON5306 Politics and Economics
FINS2615 Intermediate Business Finance
FINS3616 International Business Finance
FINS3625 Applied Corporate Finance
FINS3641 Security Analysis & Valuation
FINS5512 Financial Markets & Institutions
FINS5514 Capital Budgeting & Fin Decision
FINS5568 Capstone Portfolio Management Process
INFS2603 Business Analysis
INFS3603 Intro to Business Analytics
INFS3604 Business Process Management
INFS5603 Business Analysis
INFS5700 Intro to Business Analytics
MARK2012 Marketing Fundamentals
MARK2051 Consumer Behaviour
MARK2085 Consumer Centric Innovation
MARK3081 Distribution Strategy & Retail Channels
MARK3082 Strategic Marketing
MARK3088 Product Analytics
MARK5700 Elements of Marketing
MARK5800 Consumer Behaviour
MARK5811 Applied Marketing Research
MARK5812 Distribution, Retail Channels and Logistics
MARK5814 Digital Marketing
MBAE7502 Executive Strategy: Growth and Innovation Cohort D
MBAE7502 Executive Strategy: Growth and Innovation Cohort E
MBAE7503 Executive Strategy: Disruption and Transformation Cohort A
MBAE7503 Executive Strategy: Disruption and Transformation Cohort B
MBAE7503 Executive Strategy: Disruption and Transformation Cohort C
MFIN6210 Empirical Studies in Finance
MFIN6214 Financial Theory & Policy
MGMT2705 Industrial Relations
MGMT2718 Human Resource Management
MGMT2725 Career Management
MGMT5050 Professional Skills & Ethics
MGMT5602 Cross-Cultural Management
MGMT5610 Integrative Cases in International Business
MGMT5710 Managing and Leading People
MGMT5800 Technology, Management & Innovation
MGMT5904 Managing Organisational Change
MGMT5907 Human Resource Management
MGMT5940 Career Management Skills
MNGT5202 Entrepreneurship and Innovation
MNGT5282 Strategy
MNGT7498 Transformation Cohort Z
REGZ9000 University Orientation & Study Skills
TABL2751 Business Taxation
TABL2756 International Business Tax
TABL5537 Tax Treaties and Multilateral Obligations
ZZBU5611 Strategic Decision Making
ZZBU6001 Managing Yourself and Others
ZZBU6101 Managing with Digital Technology
ZZBU6501 Introductory Data Analysis
ZZBU6502 Analytics and Business
ZZBU6503 Managing People, Analytics and Change
ZZBU6509 Financial Modelling
ZZBU6511 Predictive Analytics
ZZBU6514 Managing Customer Analytics
ZZBU6601 General Analytics Capstone
ZZBU8503 RegTech Applications for Banking and Finance
ZZBU8506 Data Management for FinTech
ZZBU8507 Robo Advisory and Portfolio Optimisation
ZZBU8510 InsurTech & Financial Risk Management
ZZBU8601 Managing a FinTech Startup
ZZBU8701 Investments
ZZBU8702 Corporate Finance
Course code Course name
ACCT2511Financial Accounting Fundamentals
ACCT2522Management Accounting 1
ACCT5906Financial Literacy Business Decisions
ACCT5931Strategic Management Accounting
ACCT5996ACCT5996-Management Accounting & Business Analysis
AGSM6234Data Analytics and Decision-making
AGSM6251Marketing Management
AGSM6275Managing People & Organisations
AGSM9101Project Management
AGSM9150Digital Innovation
AGSM9152Digital Strategy
AGSM9153Implementing Strategy
AGSM9154Managing with Digital Technology
AGSM9155Strategic Consulting Project
AGSM9156Entrepreneurship & Innovation
AGSM9272Change Skills
AGSM9274Systems for Change
CDEV2000Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
COMM1000Creating Social Change
COMM1100Business Decision Making
COMM1110Evidence-Based Problem Solving
COMM1120Collaboration and Innovation in Business
COMM1140Financial Management
COMM1150Global Business Environments
COMM1170Organisational Resources
COMM1180Value Creation
COMM1190Data, Insights and Decisions
COMM3030/COMM5030Social Entrepreneurship Practicum
COMM5010Strategy, Marketing and Management
COMM5202Social & Environmental Sustainability
COMM5205Leading Change for Sustainability
COMM5615Systems Thinking and Business Dynamics
COMM5701Social Impact - Online
COMM5701Social Impact - F2F
COMM5704Demonstrating Social Impact
COMM5707Social Impact Field Project
COMM5709Corporate Responsibility and Accountability
COMM5710Creating Shared Value
COMM5713Collaboration for Social Impact
COMM5714Social Impact Capstone
DPBS1110Evidence Based Problem Solving
ECON1202Quantitative Analysis
ECON1401Economic Perspectives
ECON2403Empirical Methods
ECON3104International Macroeconomics
ECON4103Advanced Macro Analysis
ECON5304International Macroeconomics
FINS1612Capital Markets & Institution
FINS2615Intermediate Business Finance
FINS2643Wealth Management
FINS3616International Business Finance
FINS3623Venture Capital
FINS3625Applied Corporate Finance
FINS5511Corporate Finance Term
FINS5512Financial Markets &Institutions
FINS5514Capital Budgeting & Financial Decisions
FINS5523Alternative Asset Classes
INFS2631Innovation and Technology Management
INFS3603Intro to Business Analytics
INFS3632Service & Quality Management
INFS4858Managing Complex Projects
INFS5700Intro to Business Analytics
INFS5720Business Analytics Methods
INFS5848Managing Complex Projects
INFS5872Service & Quality Management
MARK2012Marketing Fundamentals
MARK2060Event Management and Marketing
MARK3054Marketing Analytics
MARK3091New Product & New Service Development
MARK5700Elements of Marketing
MARK5813New Product & Service Development
MARK5814Digital Marketing
MARK5820Events Management & Marketing
MARK5821Brand Management
MBAE7502Executive Strategy: Growth and Innovation
MFIN6214Financial Theory & Policy
MGMT2010Innovation & Entrepreneurship
MGMT2725Career Management
MGMT3110Integrative Seminar in Global Business
MGMT3702International Human Resource Management
MGMT3730Human Capital Analytics
MGMT5050Professional Skills & Ethics
MGMT5602Cross-Cultural Management
MGMT5701Global Employment Relations
MGMT5906Organisations and People in Context
MNGT5322Venture Capital Finance
MNGT5522Mergers and Acquisitions
MNGT7498Transformation (Cohort Z)
RISK5002Risk Analytics
TABL2710Business and the Law
TABL2741Business Entities
TABL5505Advanced Taxation of Trusts
TABL5505Taxation of Trusts
TABL5510Taxation & Regulation of Superannuation
TABL5512Legal Foundations for Accountants
TABL5541Corporations and Business Associations Law
TABL5575Tax Policy
ZZBU6004Foundations of Marketing
ZZBU6501Introductory Data Analysis
ZZBU6505Data and Ethics
ZZBU6508Analytics and Consulting
ZZBU6512Foundations of Marketing Analytics
ZZBU8502Decentralised Finance
ZZBU8509Tech Disruption in Funding & Lending
ZZBU8704Private Equity and Venture Capital