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Course code Course name
ACCT1501Accounting and Financial Management 1A
ACCT1511Accounting and Financial Management 1B
ACCT5942Corporate Accounting & Regulation
COMM1000Creating Social Change ONLINE
COMM1000 Creating Social Change F2F
COMM3030SEP Big Idea
COMM5030 SEP Sydney
COMM5201Social Enterprise: Doing Business for Social Good
COMM5203Social & Environmental Outcomes Measurement F2F
COMM5204Investing for Local and Global Impact F2F
COMM5703Social Impact Investment ONLINE
COMM5704Demonstrating Social Impact F2F
COMM5706Design for Social Innovation F2F
COMM5707Social Impact Field Project
COMM5708 Social Impact: Entrepreneurs and Social Innovation ONLINE
COMM5709Corporate Responsibility and Accountability F2F
COMM5902Leadership for Social Impact ONLINE
DIPP1111Intro to Leadership and PP
ECON3101Markets and Frictions
ECON3106Politics and Economics
ECON5301Markets and Frictions
ECON5306Politics and Economics
FINS3641Security Analysis & Valuation
FINS5568Capstone Portfolio Mgmt Proces
MARK5811Applied Marketing Research
MARK5816Services Marketing
MBAX9142Financial Modelling
MBAX9151Law, Regulation & Ethics
MBAX9153Implementing Strategy
MBAX9154Managing with Digital Technology
MGMT1002Manag. Organisat. Behaviour
MGMT2705Industrial Relations
MGMT2718Human Resource Management
MGMT3101I'national Business Strategy
MGMT5050Prof Skills & Ethics
MGMT5904Managing Organisational Change
MNGT5202Entrepreneurship & Innovation
MNGT5232Data Analysis and Statistical
REGZ9000Uni Orientation& Study Skills1
RISK5002Risk Tools
TABL3003Taxation of Corporations CBD
TABL3003Taxation of Corporations Distance
TABL3752Taxation of Capital Gains Distance
TABL3781Intellectual Property for Business
TABL5503Taxation of Corporations CBD
TABL5503Taxation of Corporations Distance
TABL5515Taxation of Capital Gains Distance
TABL5515Taxation of Capital Gains CBD
TABL5517Intellectual Property for Business
TABL5541Corporations and Business Associations Law
TABL5550Principles of Tax Transfer Pricing Distance
TABL5805Research Methods in Taxation and Business Law Distance
TABL5901Principles of Australian Taxation Law Distance

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