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Course code Course name
AERO3110Aerospace Design 1
AERO4110Aerospace Design Project A
CEIC2005Chemical Reaction Engineering
CEIC4000Environment and Sustainability
COMP6441Security Engineering
COMP6841Security Engneering
CVEN4003Design Practice B
CVEN9000Design Practice B
CVEN4104Sustainability in Construction
CVEN4202Adv'd Topics in Geotech Eng'g
DIPP1111Intro to Leadership and PP
FOOD3801Unit Operations in Food
FOOD8801Unit Operations in Food
PTRL2030Field Development Geology
PTRL2114Petroleum Geophysics
PTRL3003Field Development Geology and Geophysics
PTRL5006Field Development Geology
PTRL5014Petroleum Geophysics
PTRL6006Introduction to Field Development Geology
PTRL6014Petroleum Geophysics
REGZ9000Uni Orientation& Study Skills1

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