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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
ARTS1030Forms of Writing: Literature, Genre, Culture
ARTS1060Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS1361Mind, Ethics, and Freedom: Introduction to Philosophy
ARTS2061Contemporary Approaches to Cinema
ARTS2211East Asia
ARTS2361Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
ARTS2542Gods, Heroines and Heroes
ARTS3022Narrative: The art and science of storytelling
ARTS3049Literary Animals, Monsters and Machines
ARTS3063Cinemas & Cultures
ARTS3216Chinese Media & Communication
ARTS3368Modern European Philosophy
ARTS357621st Century Spain
ARTS3640Japan and Korea: Cultures in conflict
ARTS3783Great, Emerging & Declining Powers in the Contemporary World
ARTS3819Emerging Challenges in International Security
ARTS5506Australian Aboriginal Languages
ATSI1011Indigenous Australia
ATSI7004NGIPP Social Work
CDEV2000Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
EDST2003Learning & Teaching: Language, Literacy and Numeracy
EDST5107Teaching Methods for High Incidence Disabilities
EDST5133Creating Learning Environments
EDST5147Thesis Writing & Presentation
EDST5150Teacher Language Awareness
EDST5457Literature Review in Education
EDST5802Identification of Gifted Students
EDST5803Developing Effective Programs for Gifted Students
EDST6701Drama Method 1
FADA6700ADA Professional Placement
HUMS1006Presentation Skills
HUMS1009Sounds Good
HUMS1010Experiencing Sydney Opera House
HUMS1012Australian Aboriginal Languages
IEST7500Environmental Technologies
MDIA2010Serious Games
MDIA3002Multiplatform Media
MODL5100Research and Theories of Translation & Interpreting
MODL5101Interpreting in Legal Settings
MUSC1101Music Reinvented
MUSC3104Contemplating Jazz: History, Style, Reception
SOCF5103Research Issues in Counselling Social Work
SOCF5108Therapeutic Contexts and Relationships
SOCW1001Introduction to Social Work
SOCW2003Introduction to Social Work Counselling and Assessment
SOCW4011Evidence & Practice Based Research
SOCW4012Social Work Practice in Mental Health and Trauma
SOSS1000Policy and Society
SRAP5001Policy Analysis
SRAP5103Research Report
Course code Course name
ARTS1031Reading Through Time
ARTS1062Hollywood Film
ARTS1190Sydney:History,Landscapes, People
ARTS1211Australia's Asian Context
ARTS1241Environmental Advocacy and Activism
ARTS1511Introductory German B
ARTS1753Culture, Experience and Change
ARTS1780Concepts of Europe
ARTS1811Contemporary Issues in Government and Global Politics
ARTS1900Gendered Worlds: Intorduction to Gender Studies
ARTS2063National Cinemas
ARTS2093Social Media
ARTS2094Visual Communication
ARTS2120Writing for Performance
ARTS2150A House Divided: The Making of Modern America
ARTS2212Southeast Asia
ARTS2213Asian Popular Culture
ARTS2243Waste and Society
ARTS2271Inventing Modern Australia: 1900 to Now
ARTS2272The European World, 1500-1800
ARTS2363Chinese Philosophy
ARTS2455Gender in China
ARTS2631Intermediate Japanese B
ARTS2751International Development
ARTS2813International Security
ARTS2817Diplomacy and Statecraft: Past, Present, Futures
ARTS2871Power and Powerlessness
ARTS2874Culture and Emotion
ARTS2906History of Sexuality
ARTS2909Gender in South Asia and Southeast Asia
ARTS3013Performing Arts Industry Experience
ARTS3025The Art of the Essay: Writing Creative Non-Fiction
ARTS3039Jane Austen in Context
ARTS3047Contemporary Critical and Cultural Theory
ARTS3055Literature and Power (Required readings)
ARTS3055Literature and Power (Optional readings)
ARTS3064Issues in Film Styles and Aesthetics
ARTS3066Documentary and Non-fiction Cinemas
ARTS3122Working in the Performing Arts
ARTS3124Collaborative Performance Making
ARTS3218Japanese History: Modern Miracles and Mythologies
ARTS3245Urban Environments
ARTS3270Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone
ARTS3289Documentary Film and History
ARTS3360Philosophy Capstone: Examining Pivotal Texts
ARTS3373Topics in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and Philosophy of Language
ARTS3511Advanced German B
ARTS3574Discovering the Cinema of the Spanish-Speaking World
ARTS3751Development Studies Capstone
ARTS3786Confronting the Past in Contemporary Europe
ARTS3812Manias, Panics and Crashes: Global Political Economy in an Era of Crisis
ARTS3814Australian Foreign Policy
ARTS3821The Politics of Identity in the 21st Century
ARTS3850Security in Asia: Politics Meets Economics
ARTS3870Debates in SOCA
ARTS3872Media, Culture and Power
ARTS3991Arts & Social Sciences Capstone
ARTS5505Personalised English Language Enhancement
ATSI1012Aboriginal Sydney
ATSI2004Popular Culture Indigenous Australia
ATSI2011Indigenous Australian Political History
ATSI3008Indigenous Studies Capstone
CDEV1112Creating your Career: Employability for the Future
COMD5002Development, Human Rights and Global Health
EDST1101Educational Psychology
EDST4080Special Education: Inclusive Strategies
EDST5106Behaviour Management of Exceptional Students
EDST5111Intellectual Disabilities
EDST5118Professional Practice for Special Education
EDST5131Oral Communication Across the Curriculum
EDST5134Addressing Special Needs
EDST5139Language, Literacy, Numeracy
EDST5141Critically Engaging with Indigenous Education
EDST5142Leading Educational Change
EDST5303Learning and Problem Solving
EDST5433Organisation Theory in Education
EDST5441Advanced TESOL Curriculum Design and Assessment
EDST5451Educational Policy: Theory & Practice
EDST5457Literature Review in Education
EDST5808Key Concepts and Issues in Gifted Education
EDST6782English 2 (Years 3-6)
HUMS1005English Language Enhancement
HUMS1008Music on My Mind: Psychology and Music
IEST5005Environmental Communication
IEST5022Environmental Participation
INST1006The World in Transition
LING5015Discourse Analysis
LING5027Research Methods in Linguistics
MDIA1000Working with Time, Space and Experience
MDIA1005Creative Sound Technologies
MDIA2008Broadcast Media Practices
MDIA5027Digital Cultures
MODL5100Research and Theories of Translating & Interpreting
MODL5102Interpreting in Community Settings
MODL5116Advanced Conference Interpreting
MODL5117Interpreting in International Settings
MUSC2117Popular Music: Histories, Grooves, and Texts
MUSC2802Music Studio Teaching
MUSC2803Creative Sound Technologies
MUSC2804Music at the edge
MUSC3105Psychology of Music
MUSC3705Performance Lab C
MUSC3705Performance Lab C (Creative Practice/Music Pedagory)
MUSC3802Music Analysis
MUSC3804Educating the Musical Novice
MUSC4104Advanced Studies in Music History & Culture 2
POLS5100International Relations Internship
POLS5122The International Political Economy
POLS5161Developing Countries & the International System
PPEC2001Philosophy and the Market
PPEC3001PPE Capstone
PPEC3001PPE Capstone: Facing Contemporary Challenges
SOCF5102Selected Practice Frameworks
SOCF5112Complex Practice Issues
SOCW1004Lifespan, Health and Resilience
SOCW2006Social Work Practice: Community Work
SOCW2009Social Work Counselling with Individuals, Families and Groups
SOCW3006Socio-Legal Practice in Social Work Settings
SOCW3010Organisational Practice
SOCW4015Honours Research Thesis
SOCW4016Social Work Honours Advanced Practice Portfolio
SOSS3002Social Science Project
SOSS3003Policy Analysis
SRAP5018Power, politics and policy
SRAP5101Research Methods and Project Design
SRAP5102Research in the Real World
SRAP5103Research Report
Course code Course name
ARTS1032The Literature Laboratory: Writing Beyond Limits
ARTS1092Working with Data
ARTS1121The Life of Performance
ARTS1210Concepts of Asia
ARTS1240Environment and Society
ARTS1270Global History: Exploring the First Globalization
ARTS1360Truth and Human Existence: Introduction to Philosophy
ARTS1450Introductory Chinese A for Non-Background Students
ARTS1452Intro Chin for Background A
ARTS1510Introductory German A
ARTS1782Europe in Crisis
ARTS1846Politics, Peace and Prosperity
ARTS2031Australian Literature
ARTS2036Contemporary Europe in Crisis: Power ad Culture
ARTS2050Academic Writing for the Humanities
ARTS2062Australian Cinema
ARTS2064A Case Study of Film Genre
ARTS2091Mobile Cultures
ARTS2123Musicals, Dance & Popular Culture
ARTS2126Reviewing the Arts
ARTS2242The Politics of Climate Change
ARTS2248Disasters and Society
ARTS2270Invasion to White Australia
ARTS2285The Holocaust: Origins, Implementation, Aftermath
ARTS2362Alienation and Social Critique
ARTS2384Political Philosophy - Secondary Readings
ARTS2384Political Philosophy - Primary Readings
ARTS2457China Imagined and Perceived
ARTS2485Exploring French Linguistics
ARTS2815Polictics and Security in the Indo-Pacific
ARTS2819Globalisation and Governance
ARTS2845Sex, Human Rights & Justice
ARTS2852Qualitative Research for Political and Social Problems
ARTS2870Citizens, Action & Dissent
ARTS2877Technologies, Culture, Society
ARTS2904Dressed to Kill: Dress and Identity in History
ARTS3023Fiction Writing
ARTS3040Postcolonial Literatures
ARTS3054The Getting of Wisdom: Youth, Literature and the Formation of Self
ARTS3062Cinematic Thinking
ARTS3065Screen Emotions: Affect and Cinema
ARTS3123Solo Performance
ARTS3132Based on a True Story: Theatres of the Real
ARTS3241Environmental Justice
ARTS3270Reflecting on Histories and Historians: Capstone
ARTS3290Visions and Voices of Empire
ARTS3451Advanced Chinese B
ARTS3510Advanced German A
ARTS3638Learning Japanese through Manga and Anime
ARTS3639Japan in Popular Culture
ARTS3690Language Universals and Linguistic Typology
ARTS3755Project Design
ARTS3756Current Debates in Global Development
ARTS3820How to start a revolution: Activism, social movements and polictical change
ARTS3822The Art of Political Science
ARTS3874Culture and Human Rights
ARTS3886Living Social Justice: Experience & Practice
ARTS4249The Humanities, then and now
ARTS4249The Humanities, then and now
ARTS4268Methodologies in Social Sciences: Questions and Quandaries
ARTS5503Academic Writing for the Humanities
ARTS5505Personalised English Language Enhancement
ATSI2014Indigenous People and Policy
ATSI3005Race, Colonialism & Whiteness
CDEV1112Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
EDST1108Indigenous Perspectives in Education
EDST2044Motivation in Learning and Teaching
EDST4507Honours Seminar 2
EDST5037Education Project 2
EDST5115Indigenous Contexts of Education
EDST5129Transitions in the Lives of Students with Disabilities
EDST5138Inclusive Education: Policy, Planning and Pedagogy
EDST5308Teacher Learning
EDST5321Motivation in Educational Settings
EDST5325TESOL Advanced Professional Practice
EDST5436Evaluation of Educational Programs
EDST5440Advanced TESOL Method
EDST5608Instructional Leadership
EDST5805Curriculum Differentiation and Assessment in Gifted Education
EDST5807Social & Emotional Development of Interllectually Gifted Children
EDST6730Chinese Method 2
EDST6735French Method 2
EDST6736Geography Method 2
EDST6737German Method 2
EDST6740Indonesian Method 2
EDST6741Japanese Method 2
EDST6744Spanish Method 2
EDST6755Mathematics Method 2
EDST6757Music Method 2
EDST6783History and Geography (K-6)
EDST6784Science and Technology (K-6)
EDST6951Modern History Method 2
HUMS1005Personalised English Language Enhancement
HUMS1006Presentation and Communication Skills
IEST7600Indigenous Knowledge Partnerships in Conservation and Caring for Country
LING5024The Sound System of English
MDIA1004News Fundamentals
MDIA2011Media Design for Change
MDIA5000Understanding Contemporary Media
MODL5103Multimedia Translation
MODL5105Conference Interpreting
MODL5113Interpreting Certification Preparation
MUSC3805Audio Culture
MUSC3808Becoming a Performer
MUSC4102Critical Practice in Music
MUSC4706Music Ensemble
POLS5121International Organisations and Global Politics
POLS5125The Politics of International Law
POLS5127China & Asia-Pacific Security
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills 1
SOCF5104Counselling Practice
SOCF5109Family Inclusive Practice
SOCF5110Professional Practice Research Project
SOCW1001Introduction to Social Work
SOCW4013Child and Family Welfare Practice
SOCW4017Social Work Practice Level 4 Placement A
SOSS1000Policy and Society
SOSS3006Social Sciences in the Workplace
SRAP5004Policy, Accountability & Governance
SRAP5021Policy, Advocacy and Activism in the Digital Age