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Course code Course name
ARTS0208Sp Proj Development Studies
ARTS1062Hollywood Film
ARTS1121The Life of Performance
ARTS1210Concepts of Asia
ARTS1270Global History
ARTS1361Mind, Ethics and Freedom
ARTS1571Introductory Spanish B
ARTS1782Europe in Crisis
ARTS1846Politics, Peace and Prosperity
ARTS2062Australian Cinema
ARTS2091Mobile Cultures
ARTS2094Visual Communication
ARTS2123Musicals, Dance & Pop Culture
ARTS2126Reviewing the Arts
ARTS2128Art, Activism, Publics
ARTS2242The Politics of Climate Change
ARTS2248Disasters and Society
ARTS2270Invasion to White Australia
ARTS2285The Holocaust
ARTS2750Modern Latin America
ARTS2815The Indo-Pacific
ARTS2870Global Citizens
ARTS2904Dressed to Kill
ARTS3013Perf Arts Industry Experience
ARTS3023Fiction Writing
ARTS3065Screen Emotions
ARTS3090MCT Capstone
ARTS3093Media Power
ARTS3123Solo Performance
ARTS3220Asian Cities
ARTS3241Environmental Justice
ARTS3290Empires in World History
ARTS3484On Love and Friendship
ARTS3639Japan in Popular Culture
ARTS3690Language Universals
ARTS3810Politics & International Relations: Theory and Practice
ARTS3820How to start a revolution
ARTS3885Trauma and Violence
ARTS4249The Humanities, then and now
ARTS5505English Language Enhancement
ATSI1012Aboriginal Sydney T2C
ATSI2012Indigenous Politics
ATSI2012Indigenous Politics
ATSI3005Race, Colonialism and Whiteness
ATSI3008Indigenous Studies Capstone
CRIM1011Intro to Criminal Justice
CRIM2031Indigenous Perspective
CRIM2034Crime, Politics and the Media
CRIM2042Explaining Crime
CRIM3000Criminology in Practice
CRIM3000Criminology in Practice
CRIM3015State Crime and Human Rights
CRIM3019Restorative Justice
DIPP1111Intro to Leadership and PP
EDST1108Indigenous Perspectives in Education
EDST5101Advanced quantitative research
EDST5115Indigenous & Sociocultural Contexts of Education
EDST5129Transitions in the Lives of Students with Disabilities
EDST5138Inclusive Education
EDST5448Educational Research
EDST5454Developing Literacies
EDST5608Instructional Leadership
EDST5805Curriculum Differentiation & Assessment in Gifted Education
EDST6738Modern History Method 2
EDST6757Music Method 2
EDST6776Visual Arts Method 2
EDST6783History and Geography (K-6)
EDST6784Science and Technology
EDST6951Modern History Method 2
HUMS1005English Language Enhancement
HUMS2000Arts Internship
IEST5002Tools for Env. Management
IEST5007Environment and Development
IEST6001Field Ecology
IEST7500Env. Eng Fundamentals
MDIA1004News Reporting
MDIA5000Contemporary Media
MODL5103Multimedia Translation
MODL5113Interpreting Accreditation
MUSC1604Western Music: a Panorama
MUSC2116World Music
MUSC3808Becoming a Performer
MUSC4102Critical Practice in Music
POLS5121International Organisations
POLS5127China & Asia-Pacific Security
POLS5131Insurgency, Terrorism & PV
REGZ9000Uni Orientation& Study Skills1
SOCF5109Family Inclusive Practice
SRAP3006SRAP Workplace
SRAP5103Research Report

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