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Course code Course name
ARTS1010The Life of Words
ARTS1030Forms of Writing: Literature, Genre, Culture
ARTS1060Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS1060Introduction to Film Studies
ARTS1090Media, Culture and Everyday Life
ARTS1120Experiencing Theatre
ARTS1240Environment and Society
ARTS1271History of the Present: The World since 1900
ARTS1361Mind, Ethics, and Freedom: Introduction to Philosophy
ARTS1570Introductory Spanish A
ARTS1750Introduction to Development Studies
ARTS1810Foundations of Politics and International Relations
ARTS2040Adventures in the Contemporary Classic
ARTS2061Contemporary Approaches to China
ARTS2121Theatre in Our Times
ARTS2122Performance Production
ARTS2127Great Plays
ARTS2129Creative Production in Manila
ARTS2271Inventing Modern Australia
ARTS2283Classical Greece
ARTS2361Philosophy of Mind and Psychology
ARTS2452Chinese English Translation
ARTS2464Chinese Ideas of Beauty and Erotica: Ancient to Modern
ARTS2482French Cinema and Society
ARTS2542Gods, Heroines and Heroes
ARTS2698Intercultural Interaction
ARTS2785Europe's Age of Catastrophe, 1914-1945
ARTS2816Who Gets What? The Global Politics of Inequality
ARTS2872Living and dying
ARTS2900Global Feminisms
ARTS3065Screen Emotions
ARTS3097Current Debates in Media and Culture
ARTS3125Experiments in Performance and Media
ARTS3216Chinese Media & Communication
ARTS3242Environmental History
ARTS3243Remaking Nature
ARTS3292Migrants and Refugees
ARTS3368Modern European Philosophy
ARTS3462Artistic Representations of China and the Diaspora
ARTS3783Great and Emerging Powers
ARTS3875Decolonising Research Methods
ARTS3991Arts&Social Sciences Capstone
ARTS4249The Humanities, then and now
ARTS4266Puzzles, Planning, and Presentation for Honours in the Social Sciences
ATSI1011Indigenous Australia
ATSI1011Indigenous Australia
ATSI2015The Science of Indigenous Knowledge
ATSI3017Indigenous Histories and the Colonial World
CDEV3000Practice of Work
CDEV3000Practice of Work (Co-NNECTIONS)
COMD5000NGOs and Development
CRIM1010Criminology: An Introduction
CRIM2020Criminal Law and Justice 1
CRIM3011Crime Prevention Policy
CRIM3022Public Health and Corrections
EDST1104Social Perspectives in Education
EDST4084Managing the classroom
EDST4096Responding to Gifted Students
EDST5036Thesis Writing & Presentation
EDST5107High Incidence Disabilities
EDST5113Students with ASD
EDST5121Introduction to University Learning and Teaching
EDST5126Issues in Higher Education: Purpose, Role and Organisation
EDST5127Coaching and Mentoring in Educational Leadership
EDST5147Thesis Writing & Presentation
EDST5150Teacher Language Awareness
EDST5151Child Development
EDST5314Building Resilience List A - Pre-Course
EDST5314Building Resilience List B - Day 1
EDST5314Building Resilience List C - Day 2
EDST5314Building Resilience List D - Day 3
EDST5314Building Resilience List E - Day 4
EDST5448Educational Research
EDST5452Contemporary Issues in Language Education
EDST5457Literature Review in Education
EDST5458Researching Special Education
EDST5803Developing Effective Programs for Gifted Students
EDST5808Key Concepts and Issues in Gifted Education
EDST6727Music Method 1
EDST6728Extension Music Method 1
EDST6775Visual Arts Method 1
EDST6921Modern History Method 1
HUMS1006Presentation Skills
HUMS1009Sounds Good
HUMS1010Experiencing Sydney Opera House
HUMS1011Experiencing Sydney Crime
HUMS2000Arts Internship
IEST6911Managing Greenhouse Gas Emissions
IEST7100Environmental Management: Economics Fundamentals
IEST7400Environmental Management: Social Science Fundamentals
INST2003Research Methods
MDIA1002Media and Communication Contexts
MDIA2013Making Virtual Reality Docos
MDIA3002Multiplatform Media
MDIA3011Communication design: Multimodality, Meaning and Media
MODL5101Interpreting in Legal Settings
MUSC1101Music Reinvented
POLS5120Global Politics
POLS5129Foreign Policies Great Powers
POLS5130International Peace & Security
PPEC1001Introduction to Politics, Philosophy and Economics
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills 1
SOCF5103Research Issues in Counselling Social Work
SOCF5108Therapeutic Contexts and Relationships
SOCW1001Introduction to Social Work
SOCW2003Introduction to Social Work Counselling and Assessment
SOCW2100Aboriginal People & Social Work
SOCW3009Ethics and Reflective Practice
SOCW3012Social Work Lvl 3 Placement A
SOCW4003Advanced Social Work Practice Methods
SOCW4003Advanced Social Work Practice Methods
SOCW4003Advanced Social Work Practice Methods
SOCW4011Evidence and Practice Based Research
SOCW4012Mental Health and Trauma
SOCW7857Refugees and Forced Migration
SOSS1000Policy and Society
SOSS3002Social Research & Policy Project
SOSS3002Social Research & Policy Project- Employment Research Seminar
SOSS3002Social Research & Policy Project- Core Readings on Methods
SOSS3002Social Research & Policy Project- Street Art and Graffiti Research Seminar
SRAP5001Policy Analysis
SRAP5021Policy, Advocacy and Activism in the Digital Age
SRAP5103Research Report

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