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Course code Course name
ARTS1063World Cinemas - Films
ARTS1063World Cinemas - Readings
ARTS1190Sydney: History, Landscapes, People
ARTS1211Australia's Asian Context
ARTS1241Environmental Activism
ARTS1691The Use of Language
ARTS1753Culture, Experience and Change
ARTS1780Concepts of Europe
ARTS1811Issues in Gov and Global Pols
ARTS1900Gendered Worlds
ARTS2063National Cinemas
ARTS2064A Case Study of Film Genre
ARTS2093Social Media
ARTS2120Writing for Performance
ARTS2127Great Plays
ARTS2150The Making of Trump's America
ARTS2212Southeast Asia
ARTS2244Rethinking Wildlife
ARTS2272The European World, 1500-1800
ARTS2363Chinese Philosophy
ARTS2455Gender in China
ARTS2485French Linguistics
ARTS2570Intermediate Spanish A
ARTS2813International Security
ARTS2817Diplomacy and Statecraft
ARTS2871Power and Powerlessness
ARTS2874Culture and Emotion
ARTS2906History of Sexuality
ARTS3025Advanced Creative Writing
ARTS3064Film Styles and Aesthetics
ARTS3122Program and Repertoire
ARTS3124Collaborative Making
ARTS3270History Capstone
ARTS3289Documentary Film and History
ARTS3295Understanding Nazi Germany
ARTS3370Mind and Cognition
ARTS3454Chinese English Interpreting
ARTS3456Classical Chinese Literature
ARTS3458Chinese Capstone
ARTS3574Latin American Cinema
ARTS3786Confronting the Past in Europe
ARTS3812Theorising IPE
ARTS3814Australian Foreign Policy
ARTS3821The Politics of Identity
ARTS3872Media Publics
ARTS5505English Language Enhancement
ATSI1012Aboriginal Sydney
ATSI2011Indigenous Australian Political History
ATSI3002Gendered Identities in Indigenous Australia
ATSI3003Indigenous Cultural Heritage and the Environment
ATSI3008Indigenous Studies Capstone
CRIM1010Criminology: An Introduction
CRIM1011Intro to Criminal Justice
CRIM2041Crime and Punishment
CRIM2042Explaining Crime
CRIM3000Criminology in Practice
CRIM3000Criminology in Practice
CRIM3024Issues in Drug Policy
CRIM3025CRIM Workplace
EDST0506Researching Special Education
EDST4080Special Education
EDST5031Research Methods 1
EDST5106Behaviour Management of Exceptional Students
EDST5111Intellectual Disabilities
EDST5120Qualitative Research
EDST5121Introduction to University Learning & Teaching
EDST5122Student Learning in Higher Education
EDST5134Addressing Special Needs
EDST5139Language, Literacy & Numeracy
EDST5145Mentoring Practicum
EDST5147Thesis Writing & Presentation
EDST5325TESOL Advanced Professional Practice
EDST5433Organisation Theory in Education
EDST5441Advanced TESOL Curriculum Design & Assessment
EDST5451Educational Policy: Theory & Practice
EDST5451Educational Policy: Theory & Practice
EDST5458Researching Special Education
EDST5802Identification of Gifted Students
EDST5808Key Concepts & Issues in Gifted Education
EDST6782English 2 (Years 3-6)
HUMS1005English Language Enhancement
HUMS1006Presentation Skills
HUMS1008Psychology of Music
HUMS2000Arts Internship
IEST5001Frameworks for Env. Mgt.
IEST5003Addressing Env. Issues
IEST5005Environmental Communication
IEST5500Environmental Policy
IEST7200Environmental Law Fundamentals
IEST7300Environ Mgmt: Physical Science
INST1006The World in Transition
LING5015Discourse Analysis
LING5027Research Methods in AppLing
LING5037The Use of Language
MDIA1005Creative Sound Technologies
MDIA2008Broadcast Media Practices
MDIA5002Broadcast Journalism
MDIA5027Understanding Digital Cultures
MODL5102Interpret in Comm Settings
MUSC2802Music Studio Teaching
MUSC2803Creative Sound Technologies
MUSC3105Psychology of Music
MUSC3802Music Analysis
MUSC3804Educating the Musical Novice
POLS5102Australian Foreign Policy
POLS5161Developing Countries & IR
SOCF5102Selected Practice Frameworks
SOCW1004Lifespan and Health
SOCW2006Soc Work Pract:Community Work
SOCW2009Sole Clients and Families
SOCW3006Socio Legal Practice
SOCW3010Organisational Practice
SOCW4016Social Work Honours Portfolio
SOCW7852Politics of International Aid
SOCW7855Rights Based Project Des&Eval
SRAP3002Social Research & Policy Project
SRAP3003Power Politics and Policy
SRAP5018Power, politics and policy
SRAP5102Theory, Ethics and Research
SRAP5103Research Report

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