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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
ARCH1161 Architectural Science and Building Environment 1
ARCH1222 Architectural History & Theory 2
ARCH7182 Professional Practice
ARCH7220 Architecture & Urbanism Asia
ARCH7304 Architecture and the City
ARTS3220 Architecture & Urbanism Asia
BENV1015 History of Design Thinking
BENV2112 Landscape Design for Well Being
BLDG1014 Building Measurement
BLDG2011 Building Services
CONS0023 Cost and Value Management
IDES1262 Communications 2: Sketch Mode
IDES2222 Design Studio 2B
INTA8000 Interior Architecture Studio 8
LAND1351 Landscape Performance
LAND1482 Professional Practice
LAND2101 Landscape Studio 1
LAND2122 History of Landscape Architecture
LAND2412 Landscape Studio 9
PLAN1002 Sustainability and Environment
PLAN2005 Planning Law & Administration
PLAN6000 Planning with Indigenous People
PLAN7140 Land & Environment Law
Course code Course name
ARCH1080Architecture & Enabling Skills
ARCH1101Architectural Design Studio 1
ARCH7111Architectural Design Studio 1
ARCH7183Professional Practice 2
ARCH7214Architecture and Politics
CDEV2000Creating Your Career: Employability for the Future
CODE1210Computational Design Theory 2
FADA6700ADA Professional Placement
IDES1071Physical Principles for Design
IDES1211Design Studio 1A
IDES2221Design Studio 2A
IDES3021Design Theory 5: Perspectives
INTA3003Critical Perspectives 3
INTA5000Interior Architecture Practice Studio 5
INTA7000Interior Architecture Practice Studio 7
LAND2121Introduction to Landscape Architecture
LAND2151Landscape Analysis
LAND2251/LAND7151 Planting Design
LAND2311Landscape Studio 5: Site planning
LAND2411Landscape Studio 8: Urban landscape design
LAND2421Contemporary Landscape Theory & Research
LAND7201Master Landscape Studio 3: The Public Realm
LAND7211Case Studies In Landscape
LAND7311Landscape Theory and Research
LAND7312Masters Landscape Studio: Capstone Part 1
LAND7321Landscape Technology 2
PLAN1001Introduction to Planning
PLAN1004City and Regional Economics
PLAN7146City Economics, Urban Development & Finance
Course code Course name
ARCH1322Architectural History & Theory 3 (Articles AT2)
ARCH1322Architectural History & Theory 3 (Books AT2)
ARCH1322Architectural History & Theory 3 (Articles AT1)
ARCH1322Architectural History & Theory 3 (Books AT1)
ARCH7216Designing Diversity: Architecture and Urbanism in a Multicultural Context
ARCH7219Graduation Exhibition Design
ARCH7304Architecture and the City
BEIL0005People, Place and Design
BEIL6002Urban and Regional Design
BENV7307Writing the City
BLDG3022Construction Project Management Practice Capstone
CDEV1112Creating your Career: Employability for the Future
CONS0013Construction Management Theory and Practice
IDES1213Design Studio 1C
IEST5006Rethinking Environment: Sociocultural Theory
IEST6912Living Cities: Promises & Risks of Urban Environments
IEST7200Demystifying Environmental Law
INTA2000Interior Architecture Studio 2
INTA3002Interior Architecture Critical Perspectives 2
INTA3004Interior Architecture Critical Perspectives 4
INTA4000Interior Architecture Practice Studio 4
LAND2152Plants and Design
LAND2413Landscape Studio 10: Landscape Architecture Graduation Studio
LAND7121People, Place and Design
LAND7152Urban Ecology and Landscapes
PLAN1003Urban Society, History, Theory (Optional readings)
PLAN1003Urban Society, History, Theory (Required readings)
PLAN6000Planning with Indigenous People
REST0010Property Industry Application
SDES9204Design Insights: Agency and Impact
SDES9311Interaction Design Foundations
SUSD0003Energy & the Built Environment
LAND2102Landscape Studio 2