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Course code Course name
GENL1062Understanding Human Rights
JURD7130 Lawyers, Ethics and Justice
JURD7152Introducing Law and Justice
JURD7250Federal Constitutional Law
JURD7285Equity and Trusts
JURD7361Environmental Law
JURD7392Takeovers and Capital Markets Law
JURD7413Housing Law
JURD7482Conflict of Laws
JURD7485Public Interest Litigation: Origins and Strategies
JURD7492Children and the Law
JURD7596Designing Technology Solutions
JURD7596Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice
JURD7616International and Comparative Intellectual Property
JURD7716Food Law
JURD7791Corporate Control Transactions
JURD7829Legal Writing in Context
JURD7891International Criminal Law
JURD7942The Will of the People
LAWS1230Lawyers, Ethics and Justice
LAWS2150Federal Constitutional Law
LAWS2385Equity and Trusts
LAWS3185Public Interest Litigation: Origins and Strategies
LAWS3192Takeovers and Capital Markets Law
LAWS3196Designing Technology Solutions
LAWS3196Designing Technology Solutions for Access to Justice
LAWS3216Food Law
LAWS3361Environmental Law
LAWS3362Understanding Human Rights
LAWS3382Conflict of Laws
LAWS3392Children and the Law
LAWS3413Housing Law
LAWS3442The Will of the People
LAWS8016International and Comparative Intellectual Property
LAWS8091Corporate Control Transactions
LAWS8991International Criminal Law

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