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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
CDEV3000Practice of Work
MFAC3503Phase 3 Medicine: Psychiatry
PHCM1001International Indigenous Health
PHCM2004Communicable Diseases
PHCM3001Ethics in Public Health
PHCM3004Women's and Children's Health
PHCM9391Strategy, Policy & Change
PHCM9471Comparative Health Care Systems
PHCM9615Principles & Practice of Primary Health Care
SWCH9005Clinical Reproductive Medicine
Course code Course name
ANAT2511Fundamentals of Anatomy
ATSI2011Indigenous Australian Political History
ATSI3002Gendered Identities
CDEV3000Practice of Work
HESC3532Movement Rehabilitation
MFAC2507Clinical Transition
PHAR9104Regulatory Affairs
PHCM1001International Indigenous Health
PHCM2003Health Promotion
PHCM2005Public Health Surveillance
PHCM2007Health Leadership
PHCM9012Health Promotion & Social Perspectives of Health
PHCM9050Immunisation Policy & Practice
PHCM9108Program Design & Evaluation
PHCM9129Prevention & Management of Chronic Disease
PHCM9132Applied Research Methods for Public Health
PHCM9331Ethics and Law in Public Health
PHCM9440Economic Evaluation in Health Care
PHCM9517Advanced Biostatistics and statistical computing
PHCM9606Reproductive, Maternal & Children's Health
PHCM9662Health Aspects of Crises, Emergencies and Disasters
PHCM9748Clinical Governance & Risk Management
PHCM9781Evidence-informed Decision-making
PHCM9787Infection Prevention & Control in the Healthcare Setting
PHCM9789Bioterrorism & Intelligence
PHCM9790Digital Health - Principles, Practice and Evidence
PHOP9012Health Promotion & Social Perspectives of Health
PHSL3221Endocrine, Reproductive & Developmental Physiology
PSCY9901Law and Mental Health
SWCH9001Basic Reproductive Physiology
SWCH9004Clinical Reproductive Medicine 1
SWCH9011Reproductive, Perinatal Epidemiology and Biostatistics
SWCH9012The Impact of Infections on Reproductive Health
SWCH9014Antenatal Care
SWCH9016Cancer in Women
SWCH9017Applied Reproductive Anatomy Physiology
SWCH9031Postnatal Care of the Mother & her Baby
Course code Course name
ANAT1521Anatomy for Medical Science
ANAT2111Introductory Anatomy
ANAT2521Evolution of Human Structure
ANAT3131Functional Anatomy of the Head, Neck and Back
ATSI2004Popular Culture Indigenous Australia
ATSI3005Race, Colonialism and Whiteness
CDEV3000Practice of Work
MFAC1523Health Maintenance A
PHCM2006Public Health Policy and Programs
PHCM2009Global Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
PHCM3007Applied Public Health Practice
PHCM9010Community Development
PHCM9082Advanced Health Economics and Financial Management
PHCM9103Independent Study (6 Units)
PHCM9381Policy Studies
PHCM9443Health Economics & Finance for Developing Countries
PHCM9518Advanced Epidemiology
PHCM9612Environmental Health
PHCM9622The Global HIV Epidemic: Social Aspects and Impact
PHCM9701 Health Leadership and Workforce Management
PHCM9761Public Health Aspects of Mental Health
PHCM9784Tropical Disease Control
PHCM9785Predictive modelling in Public Health
PHCM9788Outbreak Investigation and Intelligence
PHCM9788Outbreak Investigation and Intelligence
PHSL3211Cardiovascular Physiology and Pathophysiology
PSCY9911Mental Disorders, Personality Disorders & Crime
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills (UPP) 1
SWCH9003Clinical Reproductive Endocrinology
SWCH9009Ethics and Law In Reproductive Medicine
SWCH9013Common Gynaecological & Urogynaecological Conditions
SWCH9015Children's & Adolescent Gynaecology
SWCH9032Perinatal Psychology