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Course code Course name
HESC3532Movement Rehabilitation,
MFAC1525Ageing & Endings A 2019
MFAC2507Clinical Transition 2019
PHCM1001Int'l Indigenous Health
PHCM2003Health Promotion
PHCM2005Public Health Surveillance
PHCM2007Health Leadership
PHCM9012Health Promotion & Social Pers
PHCM9050Immunisation Policy & Practice
PHCM9108Program Design & Evaluation
PHCM9132Applied Research Methods: PH
PHCM9331Ethics and Law in PH
PHCM9440Economic Evaluation in HC
PHCM9517Advanced Biostatistics
PHCM9522Politics, Surveillance, Health
PHCM9606Reproductive, Maternal & Child Health
PHCM9626Inequalities and Health
PHCM9632Indigenous Health & Wellbeing
PHCM9662Health Aspects of Crises
SWCH9001Basic Reproductive Physiology
PHCM9748Clinical Governance & Risk
PHCM9781Evidence-informed Decision-making
PHOP9606Reproductive, Maternal & Child Health
PHOP9748Clinical Governance & Risk
SWCH9017Applied Reprod Anat Physiol
PSCY9915Civil Law in relation to Psych
SWCH9011Repro Epi Biostats
SWCH9014Antenatal Care
SWCH9016Cancer in Women

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