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Course code Course name
DIPP1111Intro to Leadership and PP
MFAC1524Health Maintenance B
PHCM2004Communicable Disease
PHCM2006Public Health Policy Programs
PHCM2009Global Chronic Disease Prevention and Control
PHCM9010Community Development
PHCM9082Advanced Health Economics and Financial Management
PHCM9381Policy Studies
PHCM9443Health Economics & Finance for Developing Countries
PHCM9518Advanced Epidemiology
PHCM9518Advanced Epidemiology
PHCM9612Environmental Health
PHCM9622The Global HIV Epidemic: Social Aspects and Impacts
PHCM9701Health Leadership and Workforce Management
PHCM9761PH Aspects of Mental Health
PHCM9784Tropical Disease Control
PHCM9788Infectious Diseases Intelligence
PHCM9788Infectious Diseases Intelligence
PSCY9902Psychiatry and Criminal Law
REGZ9000Uni Orientation& Study Skills1
SWCH9013Common Gynae&Urogynae Conditions

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