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Student guide to Leganto

Check this guide to learn more about your course resources lists.

Course code Course name
BEES2680Introduction to science communication
CDEV3000Practice of Work
Course code Course name
ATSI2011Indigenous Australian Political History
ATSI3002Gendered Identities
AVIA3013Workplace Safety
AVIA5018Aviation Human Factors
AVIA5020Aviation Research Project
AVIA5030Aviation Tourism and Sustainable Development
AVIA9201Safety Risk Management: Physical Hazards
BABS3200Synthetic Biology
BEES6800The Science of Science Communication
CDEV3000Practice of Work
CHEM1011Chemistry 1A: Atoms, Molecules and Energy
CHEM1021Chemistry 1B: Elements, Compound and Life
CHEM1831Chemistry for Exercise Physiology
GENS5013Workplace Safety
GEOS1111Fundamentals of Geology
GEOS2241Peak Carbon: Climate Change & Energy Policy
MATS1110Introduction to Materials for Engineering Applications
MATS1192Design & Application of Materials in Science and Engineering
MATS4005Composites and Functional Materials
OPTM2133The Clinical Environment
OPTM3233Working in the Clinical Environment
OPTM6423Therapeutics and the Posterior Eye
OPTM7302Evidence Based Optometry
PHYS9010Quantum Technologies and Applications
ZZSC5836Data Mining & Machine Learning
ZZSC5855Multivariate Analysis for Data Scientists
Course code Course name
ATSI2004Popular Culture Indigenous Australia
ATSI3005Race, Colonialism and Whiteness
AVIA3013Workplace Safety
AVIA4003Aviation Honours - Full Time
AVIA5006Airport Planning
AVIA5008Air Traffic Management
AVIA5009Airline Corporate Management
AVIA5017Human Factors in Transportation Safety
AVIA5024Flight Deck Operations for Advanced Transport Aircraft
BABS3031Biotechnology & Bioengineering
BABS3631Biotechnology & Bioengineering Advanced
BEES3041Big Data in Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences
CDEV3000Practice of Work
CHEM1011Chemistry 1A: Atoms, Molecules and Energy
CHEM1021Chemistry 1B: Elements, Compounds and Life
CHEM1041Higher Chemistry 1B (Medicinal): Elements, Compounds and Life
CHEM1061Higher Chemistry 1B (Medicinal): Elements, Compounds and Life
DATA1001Introduction to Data Science and Decisions
GENS5013Workplace Safety
GEOS2181Earth Materials
GEOS2711Australian Climate & Vegetation
GEOS2821Introduction to GIS and Remote Sensing
GEOS3281Applied Geochemistry
GEOS9016Principles of Geographic Information Systems and Science
MATS6110Computational Materials Science
OPTM3133Vision Science in the Consulting Room
OPTM6421Binocular Vision, Paediatrics and Low Vision
OPTM7107Ocular Therapy 1
PSYC1011Psychology 1B
REGZ9000University Orientation & Study Skills (UPP) 1
SCIF7000Advanced Communication Skills and Science
VISN2111Ocular Anatomy and Physiology
ZZSC5905Statistical Inference for Data Scientists