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Library service model for curriculum support: Digital uplift and Library initiated opportunities

Digital uplift and Library initiated opportunities


Involves Library Managers at the curriculum design table as a course design team member and offers:

Option A: Basic support – refer to DIY

Option B: Mid-level support – refer to Blended offering

Option C: Deep involvement in curriculum design of library related course resources see below

Academic would initiate the options:

  • digital uplift
  • Library initiated opportunities through AIMs


Option C: Deep involvement in curriculum design


Conversation building blocks between Outreach and academics guided by UNSW Library frameworks and guiding principles.


Academic and subject expert librarian would design and develop a subject/faculty specific course package including:

  • creation, reuse or remix of digital teaching and learning objects (DTLOs) such as -
    • LinkedIn Learning playlist
    • LibWizard activity (proprietary guide on the side)
    • learning activities from ELISE open learning objects - activities underpinned by threshold concepts which empower students through practice to achieve a learning threshold 
  • understanding of resources/formats of information types specific to course
  • prepare relevant, up-to-date Library collection resources and/or OERs - work together to create a course package of library related content using Leganto to create and share
  • specific copyright guidance - media types, common questions for information formats used in course, OEL toolkit, Copyright Clarified video
  • vendor specific training – face to face and/or online vendor resources (for discipline specific databases such as Medline and Westlaw)
  • Group research consultations (Honours and PG C students)

Course package designed to encourage use of different media - academic and student.

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