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Library service model for curriculum support: LibWizard

Flipped approach

Librarians provide online pre-work prior to a session, such as the examples below.

The facilitated Q & A presentation enables students to ask questions or highlight issues arising from the pre-work using polling software, enabling librarians to offer a more tailored approach.

Generic tutorials can be designed to suit the needs or requirements of the course.

Examples of pre-work tutorials

What is LibWizard?

LibWizard enables the creation of interactive tutorials to test user understanding.

Librarians can create in-depth tutorials and include websites, images, videos or any type of interactive content that can be embedded in online courses.

What is polling software?

Polling software enables presenters to transform one-sided presentations into conversations.

In a formal class setting, students can ask their questions anonymously using their mobile phone. 

See an example of a poll on the EdTech tools > Polling software page.

Contact your Outreach Librarian

To organise pre-work presentations and facilitated Q & A sessions or to discuss how the Library can collaborate with your course design.

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