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Open Access


Publishing research datasets, or a description of your data:

  • facilitates discovery and citation by others
  • allows the dataset to sit alongside your journal articles and conference papers as another research output, once it is made publicly available
  • aids the transparency and reproducibility of research

Some funding organisations and publishers now have guidelines on sharing data associated with publications and publicly funded research projects. Examples include the NHMRC Open Access Policy and the PLOS journals data availability policy.

Datasets can be published in disciplinary or general data repositories. UNSW researchers have the option of using ResData, a data management and publication service that enables small to medium-sized datasets to be uploaded and published to Research Data Australia (RDA), a registry of datasets from Australian research organisations, government agencies, and cultural institutions.

Explore UNSW datasets published to RDA

Data repositories

Looking for a data repository? The Registry of Research Data Repositories lists disciplinary or general repositories for publishing data.

Further support

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