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Law report series

A Law report series is a collection of judgments compiled and published on a periodic basis. The most important cases from each year, as determined by the publisher, are included for publication. Law report series can be generalist or subject specific.

Select each of the tabs in this guide for the authorised/preferred report series for each jurisdiction. Other law reports can be located by searching the title in the Library collection. You may also wish to browse the databases listed on the Case law page of this guide.

Key resources

Authorised report series

These series have been ‘authorised’ by the relevant court.

They are considered to be the authoritative record of the judgment and the authorised report should always be cited when available.

An example of an authorised report series is the Commonwealth Law Reports (CLR) for High Court judgments.

Unauthorised report series

While these series have not been authorised by the court, they are still valuable sources of case law.

Reported judgments should be cited in preference to unreported judgments (see AGLC4 Rule 2.2.2 for more detail).