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Open Access


Research outputs deposited in UNSWorks must be the peer-reviewed version (accepted version or published version). Preprints cannot be deposited in UNSWorks. 

The final published version can only be deposited if permitted by publisher policy or if written permission has been obtained and uploaded during the UNSWorks deposit process.

To assist you in the selection of the correct version of your manuscript, ROS includes archiving advice from SHERPA/RoMEO. However, it is important that you refer to your original contract prior to uploading a version of a publication in UNSWorks.

Version Explanation
Accepted version (post-print) The version of the paper that has been through a formal peer-review process but does not include publisher’s copy-editing, typesetting and formatting. The accepted version is also referred to as the post-print, author's accepted manuscript (AAM), or author-final copy.
Published version The final version of a publication as it appears on a publisher's website or an electronic journal database, including final pagination and formatting.
Author/creator licence agreement The PDF permission from the author/creator allowing you to upload on their behalf (not visible in UNSWorks).
Publisher permission The PDF permission from the publisher allowing you to upload the paper (not visible in UNSWorks).
Administrative documentation Any other documentation required (these are not visible in UNSWorks).

Further support

Contact your Outreach Librarian.