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Leganto guide: Adding collaborators

Adding collaborators

You can add other UNSW staff members as collaborators on your list so that they can view or edit them. This includes School Managers, TELT staff, tutors and other teachers.

  1. Click into the list view, and navigate to the right panel, and click Manage collaborators

  2. Search for your colleagues by typing their name into the box. 

  3. Once located, click Send invitation. Their name will now appear under the list of Once located, click Send invitation.

  4. You can manage their rights by clicking Manage collaborators. Give them Manage rights to give them full control and the ability to add, edit, remove and change resources, add, edit, remove and change sections, delete the entire list, and add/remove collaborators to the list. Edit rights allow users to add, edit, remove and change resources and sections.


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