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Leganto guide: FAQs


Add the book title to your list and notify the Library with the to be digitised chapter information in the public note or via the Library Discussion.
We recommend that you add the eBook title to the list and then in the full record, add a Public note with chapter information, to tell students what to read.
It will vary depending on which browser you are using. See the browser help pages for guidance and instructions for Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Apple Safari
For books, the restriction is 10% of the pages or 1 chapter, whichever is greater. For articles in a periodical, 1 article can be used, or more if they relate to the same subject. For anthologies, 15 pages can be copied. Refer to UNSW Library Copyright for more information.
To ensure that others have equal opportunity, digitised chapters will only be available for the current session. If the same chapter is required again for a following session, please ensure that the item is saved in a Leganto list that is associated with the correct course (see points 3 and 4 of the Troubleshooting guide).
My Collection is a personal list of Library items or external links that you can save for a later time. You can add them to a Leganto list by clicking the Open Collection button within your selected list, and dragging the item into the correct position.
If you find a broken link in your resource list, click the title to open the full record. In the 'Links and Availability' box, click the 'Mark as broken' text to notify the Library.
You can edit your Leganto list on a mobile device, but the drag/drop function to re-order sections or citations will not work. We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer for this functionality. Students can access readings from their mobile devices and tablets.

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Prescribed course resources

For details about the Library’s guidelines and conditions around the purchase of prescribed resources, visit the Library's Course Resources Guidelines page.