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Leganto guide: Non-library materials

Non-library materials

It is possible to add publicly available or other materials to your reading list. This includes material the Library doesn't own (recommendations will be reviewed by the Library). 

This can be done using either of the methods below - use Cite It to add materials directly from the web or Create a manual record.

Cite It

  1. Turn on your bookmarks bar in your internet browser
  2. In Leganto, click the dropdown under your name and click Leganto Cite It!

  3. Click and drag the Cite It! button onto your favourites/bookmarks bar

  4. In a new tab, open the website/link to be added to the Leganto list. Click the Cite it! button on your toolbar to prompt a pop-up. In this box, complete the relevant information. If you just need a chapter, provide this information in the Public note section.

  5. Add directly to a current List, or to save for later, add to Collection.  


Create a manual record

  1. Click the + button in your list to open the content add feature. The second tab enables you to add items manually if you have the URL or a file to be uploaded

2. Click in the 'Type' field to change the resource type. Selecting an accurate option will give you more relevant fields to enter descriptive information about the item.

Need help?

Prescribed course resources

For details about the Library’s guidelines and conditions around the purchase of prescribed resources, visit the Library's Course Resources Guidelines page.