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Leganto guide: Websites and other items

Websites and other items

  1. Click the + button in your list to open the content add feature. The second tab enables you to add items manually if you have the URL or a file to be uploaded

2. Click in the 'Type' field to change the resource type. Selecting an accurate option will give you more relevant fields to enter descriptive information about the item.

Need help?

Contact your Outreach Librarian

Prescribed course resources

For details about the Library’s guidelines and conditions around the purchase of prescribed resources, visit the Library's Course Resources Guidelines page.


Note: Ensure that any uploaded files are copyright compliant, e.g. less than one chapter or 10% of a book, a creative commons license, or created internally. Include any explicit permission if you have it. If you are unsure, contact your Outreach Librarian for assistance.