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Copyright at UNSW

Using TV and radio broadcasts for teaching

UNSW has an agreement with Screenrights that covers the copying and communication of television and radio broadcasts in Australia for educational purposes. The agreement covers the following broadcasts:

  • Any channel from free to air TV, pay TV or radio
  • Free to air broadcasts’ websites or the broadcasters’ official YouTube channel
  • Podcasts made available online by the broadcaster (this excludes podcasts that are made exclusively for the internet)
  • Catchup TV such as iView if it has been previously broadcasted in Australia
  • Online simulcasts of broadcasts, including online radio

The Screenrights agreement allows for the following use of broadcasts: 

  • to be shown in class
  • emailed to staff and students 
  • embedded in PowerPoint presentations and learning management systems (i.e. Moodle)
  • old copies of broadcasts (i.e. DVD or VHS) to be converted into a digital format

The agreement does not cover the copying and communication of commercial films and videos such as DVDs or demand services such as Netflix or Stan. 

Find information about managing copyright for films and videos.

UNSW Library subscribes to the following streaming databases that provide access to broadcasts content under the Screenrights agreement:

  • Informit EduTV which offers documentaries, news, Australian films, some mainstream movies and educational content
  • Informit TV News includes Australian free-to-air television news and current affairs programs 

What are the limits and conditions?


  • All or parts of a broadcast from television or radio can be copied, but only copy what is required for educational purposes.
  • It can be copied in any format (analogue or digital)


  • Copying and communicating is done for educational purposes of the University
  • Access is restricted to UNSW staff and students e.g. password protection
  • Digital copies display the Copyright warning notice for broadcasts (21KB PDF)
  • All copies of broadcasts in analogue form, or on removable media (e.g. DVD, CD, USB) are labelled with the following information - labels are available (59KB DOCX):
    • Program name:___________________________________
    • Broadcast date: __________________________________
    • Broadcast channel: _______________________________
      This program has been copied under the Statutory Licence pursuant to s113P(2) of the Copyright Act 1968 for the educational purposes of the University.

When to use the Copyright Warning Notice

The Copyright warning notice for broadcasts (21KB PDF) should be visible to any staff member or student accessing the content (including when using Informit TVNews & EduTV). This might include: 

  • using a flash screen so that the notice appears when a person accesses the broadcast
  • putting the notice in the reading list information that accompanies the link to the broadcast
  • placing the notice in a footnote or footer next to the link to the broadcast
  • putting the notice as a slide prior to the broadcast being shown in a lecture
  • adding the notice in any email that contains a link to the broadcast

Need help?

UNSW staff and students can contact for assistance with a copyright query or to arrange a copyright information session.

Quick guides


Download a quick guide to copyright and teaching at UNSW (576KB PDF).

Copyright Warning Notice

The Copyright Warning Notice that is used for Statutory Licence copying and communication is available for text and images (21KB PDF) and broadcasts (21KB PDF).