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Copyright at UNSW


Information in this guide provides general guidance and does not constitute as legal advice. If specific advice is required, please contact UNSW Legal Office

What is copyright?

Copyright is a bundle of rights that gives creators of materials exclusive rights to the use of their own material, including the right to copy, publish or transform the material into another format. For a material to be protected by copyright, it must be “original” and expressed in a material form, it does not protect ideas themselves. Copyright is automatic and does not require formal registration.

UNSW staff and students are expected to comply with the Copyright Act 1968. In order to use another person’s material (also referred to as third party copyright material), it is generally necessary to obtain copyright permission from the owner unless an exception under the Copyright Act or licence held by UNSW applies.

This website provides information to support research, study and teaching activities at the University, including the exceptions under the Copyright Act and the licences held by UNSW that allow staff and students to use limited amounts of copyright material in certain situations.

This section will cover: 


Need help?

UNSW staff and students can contact for assistance with a copyright query or to arrange a copyright information session.