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Copyright at UNSW

What can be protected by copyright?

Under the Copyright Act 1968, there are two categories of materials that can be copyrighted: works and subject matter other than works.

Literary works Includes both fictional and non-fictional non-dramatic works, such as journal articles, books, instructional manuals, computer programs, reports, poems and song lyrics
Artistic works Includes creative materials that are not primarily composed of words or musical notes, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, patterns, maps, diagrams and technical drawings
Dramatic works Includes the written form of works for the stage or screen, such as plays, screenplays or film scripts and choreography
Musical works Includes music in its written form, such as musical scores, musical compositions and guitar tabs
Subject matter other than works
Cinematographic films Includes films, videos, television programs, commercials and music videos
Sound recordings Recordings of spoken words or music such as CD, tapes, vinyl records and digital recordings
Broadcasts Includes TV and radio broadcasts
Published editions of works Includes certain aspects of a material that can be separately owned, such as specific layouts and design and typesetting of a publication


Need help?

UNSW staff and students can contact for assistance with a copyright query or to arrange a copyright information session.