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ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial: Digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing

There are positive and negative aspects to our increasingly online world.

Explore the resources in the infographic to help you gain an understanding of the impact of technology on your online personal, social, and study life.

Student wellbeing & health

Investigate the UNSW Students Student Wellbeing portal for more resources on digital wellbeing. Many of aspects our your personal life can affect your studies, and Student Wellbeing provides support for so much more than academic success.

UNSW Student counselling

If you are struggling and could use some help, contact the UNSW Counselling and Psychological Services. They provide free and confidential telehealth and face to face counselling sessions to all students at UNSW.

Digital wellbeing report

This infographic was inspired by the 2019 JISC report - Digital wellbeing for you, your colleagues and students. JISC has also published further resources on digital capabilities.