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ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial: The Student Code


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Equity diversity & inclusion

Equity, diversity and inclusion are considered essential to the continued success of UNSW. Become familiar with the policy

Student Code Policy

All students are required to agree they have read the Student Code Policy when they enrol or re-enrol at UNSW.

Obligations of the Code

The Student Code outlines the behaviour that is expected of students, and also details key obligations of the University towards students.

The three principles of the Code are:

  1. An obligation to act with integrity in academic work, to ensure that all academic work is conducted ethically and safely.
  2. An obligation to observe standards of equity and respect in dealing with every member of the University community.
  3. An obligation to use and care for University resources in a lawful and appropriate manner, and to not diminish the University's reputation in the carrying out of academic and other associated University activities.

Your rights and responsibilities

The Student Code applies to all students at UNSW regarding all aspects of teaching, learning and research. The Code also applies to students while they are studying overseas on a UNSW arranged exchange, or when they are representing the University in sports or other activities.

Breaches of the Student Code are investigated under the Student Misconduct Procedures. There are a range of penalties under the Procedures, from warnings to expulsion from the University.

Part B of the Code outlines some of the University’s responsibilities towards students. Students have the right to lodge a complaint under the Student Complaint Procedure if the University is not fulfilling its obligations.

ICT resources - Conditions of use

When agreeing to the Student Code you agree to protect UNSW ICT (Information, Communication and Technology) systems, information and accounts by using your access only as authorised and keeping your account details confidential. An example of inappropriate use is using another’s UNSW Login ID and/or Password, or allowing others to use yours.

Misuse of ICT resources by students will attract penalties. Refer to the Acceptable use of UNSW ICT Resources policy,  Student Code Policy and Student Misconduct Procedure for details.

Special consideration and medical certificates

Students can apply for special consideration when illness or other circumstances beyond their control, interfere with their assessment performance.

The Special Consideration page includes important information regarding:

  • when to apply
  • how to apply
  • supporting documentation
  • medical certificates 

Tip  Medical certificates submitted for Special Consideration should always be requested from a registered medical practitioner that you have seen at a medical practice. Certificates obtained online or via social media may be fraudulent and if relied upon could result in a breach of the UNSW Student Code