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ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial: Time management


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Uni Ready toolkit

Learn more about time management in the Uni Ready toolkit website, made by students for students.

Time management

Students at university often have multiple commitments, with employment and family competing with study requirements. Learning how to balance the demands of the various aspects of your life will help you study successfully. You will also find these skills useful in the future.

These tips from the Academic Study Skills website are designed to help you:

Tools are available to help you plan your assignments, including a Term planner available from the Current Students website and an assignment calculator from the Dalhousie University website.

Remember to incorporate leisure and recreation into your schedule to keep you balanced and help you to avoid stress.

Prepping for success - Time management

UNSW's Prepping for Success: Time Management 101 video aims to equip students with the skills needed to successfully navigate their time at University.