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ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial: playlists for researchers playlists

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Research methodology videos

The Research Methodology playlist includes these video titles:

Combining trusted research methods with new media
Learn modern PR practices and techniques. See how to develop your organization's reputation, leverage social media, engage reporters and bloggers, and measure PR outcomes

Academic Research Foundations: Quantitative
Explore the foundations of quantitative research, and learn how to tackle your own quantitative research study.

Learning Design Research
Reignite your design process by incorporating relevant design research. This course introduces design research so that designers understand how critical it is to being able to construct great designs.

UX Foundations: Research
Want to make better products? Learn how to use UX research to better inform your projects and build user-centric designs that truly delight your customers.

Research data videos

The Research data playlist lists these video titles:

Learning Data Science: Using Agile Methodology
Deliver valuable data science insights every two weeks. Learn how to work within the data science life cycle (DSLC) and break down your work with tools such as question boards.

Data Science Foundations: Fundamentals
Get a comprehensive introduction to the careers, tools, and techniques of modern data science, including big data, programming, and statistics.

Data Science Foundations: Data Mining
Get started in data mining. This introduction covers data mining techniques such as data reduction, clustering, association analysis, and more, with data mining tools like R and Python.

Learning NVivo
Learn to use NVivo Starter 11 for qualitative data analysis. Find out how to import, organize, analyze, and visualize text-based research data.

SQL Tips, Tricks, & Techniques
Get Ben Sullins's 12 must-have SQL techniques for data science pros—engineers, DevOps, data miners, programmers, and other systems specialists.

SPSS Statistics Essential Training
Learn how to use SPSS to calculate descriptive and inferential statistics, create data visualizations like scatterplots and other charts, perform multiple-regression analysis, and more.

R Statistics Essential Training
Use R to model statistical relationships using its graphs, calculations, tests, and other analysis tools.