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ELISE | Informing your studies tutorial: ELISE FAQ

Frequently asked questions

General issues | Technical issues | Moodle issues

General issues

I am experiencing technical difficulties with the ELISE quiz.
If you are experiencing any technical difficulties with the quiz, you can contact the Library via and we will endeavour to respond within 1-2 business days.

I am struggling with the content of the ELISE quiz.
If you are having difficulties with the content of the quiz, you can book an Expert on demand session with a librarian.

Do I have to complete the ELISE quiz?
Yes, if you are a commencing undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student at UNSW. That is, you have enrolled at UNSW for the first time, or have transferred to another program, and for Term 3, 2020 you are commencing one or more courses the week beginning September 14. The ELISE quiz will appear on your Moodle dashboard.
Some second or third year students transferring from another institution, i.e. first year at UNSW, are also required to complete the ELISE quiz.

If the ELISE quiz appears on your Moodle dashboard you must complete it.

I am a postgraduate coursework student and have commenced or transferred to a new program. Do I have to complete the ELISE quiz?
Yes, commencing a new program or transferring to a different program or degree is classed as being a commencing student so you will need to complete the quiz.

I am a UNSW Online student. When do I need to complete the quiz?
The ELISE quiz must be completed by the end of Week 1 of your course. 

I have deferred my studies this term. Do I have to complete the ELISE quiz?
If you have already passed the ELISE quiz you will not be required to complete it again. If you have not completed the quiz you will be required to do so when you return to UNSW.

How do I access the ELISE quiz?
Access the ELISE quiz via your Moodle account using your User ID and Password. If you do not complete the quiz in one sitting, always access it via Moodle.

I am overseas and I can’t access the ELISE quiz. What should I do?
If you are currently located overseas and cannot open the ELISE quiz, you can access a version of the ELISE quiz via a different link in your Moodle.

How does the ELISE quiz work?
1. You will take a short pre-test to personalise your learning experience.

  • If you score 100% in the pre-test, you will go straight to the ELISE quiz
  • If you score less than 100%, you will go through customised learning modules.

2. In these interactive learning modules you will develop your knowledge and prepare for the ELISE quiz.

3. Finally, you will take the ELISE quiz. You must score at least 80% (16/20) to pass. You will be prompted to take quiz questions until you achieve a pass mark.

4. Complete the Feedback in Moodle.
The quiz should take between 30 and 90 minutes to complete.
It is not necessary to complete the learning modules and quiz questions all in one go. Our online system will remember where you are up to when you log in again.

When does the quiz have to be completed?
You must complete the quiz by the end of the 3rd week of your first term of enrolment.

What happens if I don't complete the quiz by the end of Week 3?
If you have not completed the quiz by the end of Week 3, you will be blocked from accessing the UNSW Enrolment service which will affect your ability to enrol in classes and drop subjects.

I think ELISE might be useful in the future for my studies. Can I access it again?
Yes. You can access the ELISE lessons Define, Discover, Organise and Check from the ELISE tutorial. The ELISE pre- and post-quiz cannot be taken twice.

Technical issues

What devices can I use?
You can use all mobile devices (laptops, tablets etc.) except mobile phones. The ELISE quiz will not function on a phone. You may get stuck and will have to start again.

What are the recommended browsers?
The minimum browser requirements are Chrome 46, Firefox 42, Internet Explorer 10 and Safari 8. Default browsers including Microsoft Edge and Android are not supported. To test your system requirements use

My pages won't load.
Ensure that Adblock and other pop-up blockers are disabled.

My screen has frozen. What should I do?
If your browser window freezes, close and return to Moodle. Click the hyperlink and you will be taken back to where you left off.
If you continue to have problems try taking the quiz again next time you are on campus using one of our computers or connect to the UNSW Wireless Network UniWide.

I have seen my score at the end of the quiz but my grade does not appear in Moodle. What should I do?
If you have completed the ELISE quiz and seen your score on the last screen but you can't see your Pass grade in Moodle, you have not clicked the FINISH button on the last screen of the quiz. Go back into the quiz and click the FINISH button. This will push your grade into Moodle. 

I use a screen reader. Is the ELISE quiz compatible with screen readers?
Yes it is, but if you experience any difficulties contact the Library at

For all other technical difficulties please contact the Library at

Moodle issues

I can't find ELISE on my Moodle course list
For assistance contact the IT Service Centre
Phone: (02) 9385 1333

How do I know if I passed the quiz?
A congratulatory message will appear on your screen in Smart Sparrow once you pass the quiz. The pass grade will then be transferred to Moodle. This can take 24-48 hours. Once the transfer is complete, ELISE will disappear from your Moodle course list.

I have passed the quiz but it is still showing in my Moodle dashboard.
Once you have passed the quiz you will need to wait up to 1 week for the course to disappear from your list of courses in Moodle. If after this time the course is still showing in Moodle please email with all your details including zID.

How can I access my grade in Moodle?
1. On the course home page in the Settings block, under Course administration, click Grades. The User report for the course will display your grade.

2. To view your grades for all your courses, in the Settings block, under Grade administration, click Overview report.

I don't think I should be enrolled in the ELISE quiz
If you don't think you should be enrolled in the ELISE quiz contact the IT Service Centre
Phone: (02) 9385 1333