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Leganto guide: Create list

Creating a list via Leganto

Once you have accessed Leganto via the Moodle tool, you can create lists for other courses while you are still within the platform.

  1. Access the Leganto platform
  2. Go to My Lists and click the + New List button

  3. Give it a title in the following format: Course code - Course name -  session. Example:

  4. Once you have created your list, click on the ... icon for Reading List Options, and select Associate this list with a course

  5. Search for the course code by typing in the box, and select the relevant course and session

  6. Follow these steps to add a link to your list into the Moodle course.


Leganto tutorial

Do the Leganto - Getting started tutorial for step-by-step guidance on creating a Leganto list.

Need help?

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Prescribed course resources

For details about the Library’s guidelines and conditions around the purchase of prescribed resources, visit the Library's Course Resources Guidelines page.

Browser advice

The recommended internet browsers for Leganto are:

  • Chrome
  • Firefox
  • Safari

Leganto has known issues in Internet Explorer and Edge.