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Leganto guide: Troubleshooting


List issues

  • Students can’t access the list via the Moodle link

Make sure published and associated with correct course

  • HELP! I can't see my Reading List under My Lists!

If you have removed yourself as a collaborator, please contact your Outreach Librarian who can add you back in. However, unfortunately if you have deleted your reading list (or if one of your collaborators has), the list is permanently removed from the system, and there is no way for us to recover it.

  • Why is my Leganto reading List appearing in the grades section in Moodle?

The Moodle settings have now been updated to fix this issue but for lists created before 05/04/2017, you will need to update the privacy settings for the Leganto link.

  1. Turn Editing on in your Moodle course

  2. Click on the Edit Settings icon next to your Leganto link

  3. Click on the Privacy arrow to open the dropdown and untick the ‘Accept grades from the tool’ box. Click on ‘Save and return to course’

Resource issues

  • Students/Lecturers are getting a 'Resource cannot be displayed' message when clicking through to a digitised chapter

Your list may not be associated with current course, or more than one chapter from the same book has been requested for digitisation. Please contact your Outreach Librarian to discuss.


  • What if I want to include a book or chapter that is not held by UNSW library?

You can submit a purchase recommendation through Leganto by adding the record for the item using the Cite It feature, e.g. from For books, please note that it will take approx. 6 weeks for your order to be made available (less if available as an eBook). For book chapters we can arrange an interlibrary loan. Include the Digitise tag and any chapter information in the Public note field

Technical issues

  • I'm having some strange issues when using Leganto in Internet Explorer.

The Library recommends that you use Chrome or Firefox for Leganto. Try again in a different browser, and if you're still having issues please contact your Outreach Librarian

  • I’m trying to move a section/citation in my list but when I try and drag it the record keeps opening up. 

Make sure that you click and hold in the grey area away from the citation/section title, details and resource type icon. Once you start dragging, dotted lines should appear around the section/citation. If you are using a touchpad on a laptop, we recommend using a mouse. 

Need help?

Contact your Outreach Librarian

Prescribed course resources

For details about the Library’s guidelines and conditions around the purchase of prescribed resources, visit the Library's Course Resources Guidelines page.