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Leganto guide: Transition to next teaching period

Transition to next teaching period

You can re-use your Leganto lists again in the future to save you time. 

If you (or one of your colleagues) will want to re-use the reading list, DO NOT DELETE the list at the end of the teaching period. Deleting it will permanently remove it from the system, and it will not be able to be recovered. If you don't want it showing up in your My Lists view, you can remove yourself as a collaborator instead. 

To re-use a Leganto list:

  1. Access the Leganto platform
  2. Go to My Lists (available on the left-side menu bar) and search or scroll to locate the relevant list.

  3. Open the list and click the ... [three dots] icon under the title to see the Options menu, and click Re-use list for new teaching period.

  4. Search for the course in the window that pops-up. Select it and roll-over.

  5. Once you have rolled over the list - go back to your MyLists section and find the new list (it will have the text at the end: Rolled Over).
  6. Edit the title to suit the teaching period the list is for. 


Important note: 

  • If you were using the external tool feature in Moodle to share the list, you won't have to change it, as the course association will automatically enable this connection.
  •  If you were using a permalink to share the list, you won't have to change it either - it will automatically update after you use the Re-use function (as long as the list has been Published).

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