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Publishing strategy guide


Publishing research data is becoming more common. Some journals and funding bodies now require publication of research data. There are several ways to publish your data, including:

  • deposit datasets in an online repository
  • submit the data for publication in a data journal. Read more about data journals in the Data Journals Guide from the Australian National Data Services



  • ResData is the UNSW Library service for managing and publishing UNSW research data
  • it is a portal that creates Research Data Management Plans (RDMPs) and enables publishing data on Research Data Australia


Questions to ask when publishing research data

  • does the data have a DOI?
  • is there adequate metadata?
  • UNSW Research Infrastructure has some solutions for data storage
  • see Where should I store my Data? in Research Data Management at UNSW
  • you also have the option of investigating if your faculty has its own repository, or if there is a more suitable discipline specific repository that should have your data record or dataset on it



These questions all reflect the FAIR Data Principles:

When research data is shared it should be in a way that is Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, and Reusable.

The Australian National Data Service outlines more aspects of FAIR Data.


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