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Publishing strategy guide

Tell your impact story

Collecting the data and measuring the impact of your research is only half of the job. You will also need to think about how you use the information available to tell your impact story.

Example impact scenario

article image with tweets

arrow icon  Your journal article is published in a peer reviewed journal. You and your collaborator from another university tweet the DOI to your followers.

The conversation logo with the DOI logo

arrow icon  You write for The Conversation and make sure to include links to the original article.

arrow icon Using the Engagement and Impact Module in ROS you record this activity, and add to it if any more publicity comes out of The Conversation article such as an invitation to speak at a public event.

research impact image

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All of this is important to telling the story of your research and shows that research has impact outside of accruing citations.

A lot of people try to measure this after the fact – but it has to be an ongoing process to effectively measure and track impact and engagement.

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