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Open Access

Open access makes research outputs freely available online to read, download and use without the licensing restrictions usually in place on published works. Making outputs openly available ensures that a wider audience can read and use them, including researchers who don't have access via journal subscriptions.

Open access at UNSW:

UNSW requires all staff and HDR candidates who are engaged in research to make their published Research Outputs openly available under a CC-BY license in the university's institutional repository, UNSWorks, upon publication. 

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UNSW ‚ÄčOpen Access Policy

Open Access Guide

What are the benefits of open access?

  • Increase the visibility of your work
  • Increase your citation rates
  • Comply with open access requirements from funding bodies
  • Other researchers can apply and build on your research findings
  • Reach potential collaborators and partners

Need help?

Sherpa Romeo

Sherpa Romeo is an online resource that provides open access policy information for journals from around the world. It’s useful when considering where to publish, checking publisher's copyright and self-archiving policies, and to verify publisher permissions after publication.