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Transformative Agreements

Globally, transformative agreements are being piloted as a way for the research community, academic libraries and scholarly publishers to work together to find a financially viable path to transition to an open access publishing model. UNSW Library is actively seeking inroads to convert Read Only (paywalled subscriptions) agreements to transformative agreements, thereby furthering aligning to the University Open Access Policy and Plan S, while increasing the reach and impact of research.

Deals UNSW Library have undertaken:

  •  CSIRO Publishing
    • The agreement offers UNSW corresponding authors open access publishing, in all CSIRO Publishing owned journals, at no charge to them. This enables their work to be read worldwide without restriction or need for subscription authentication. UNSW authors will retain copyright, and their work will be made available under a Creative Commons Attribution licence (CC-BY) allowing readers to reuse content.
    • UNSW staff and students will have continued access to read all full text articles published by CSIRO Publishing. This transformative agreement is underpinned by funds through UNSW Library. 

    • The agreement is effective 30 July 2020 (backdated to 1 January) to December 2022 and covers all CSIRO Publishing owned journals.

      • Animal Production Science
      • Australian Journal of Botany
      • Australian Journal of Chemistry
      • Australian Journal of Zoology
      • Australian Systematic Botany
      • Crop and Pasture Science
      • Environmental Chemistry
      • Functional Plant Biology
      • Invertebrate Systematics
      • Marine and Freshwater Research
      • Pacific Conservation Biology
      • Reproduction, Fertility and Development
      • Sexual Health
      • Soil Research
      • Wildlife Research
  • Biochemical Society 
    • The agreement with the Biochemical Society provices unlimited Open Access publishing in all 7 Biochemical Society journals by corresponding UNSW authors with no charge to them.