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CSIRO transformative agreement

Agreement duration: The UNSW agreement is from 1st January 2020 - 31st December 2022

Summary: CSIRO Publishing is the leading Australian publisher of scientific books, journals and magazines. The agreement offers UNSW corresponding authors open access publishing, in all CSIRO Publishing hybrid journals, at no charge to them. This enables their work to be read worldwide without restriction or need for subscription authentication. 

Titles included: The agreement covers the following CSIRO journals:

  • Animal Production Science
  • Australian Journal of Botany
  • Australian Journal of Chemistry
  • Australian Journal of Primary Health
  • Australian Journal of Zoology
  • Australian Systematic Botany
  • Crop and Pasture Science
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Functional Plant Biology
  • Historical Records of Australian Science
  • Invertebrate Systematics
  • Marine and Freshwater Research
  • Pacific Conservation Biology
  • Reproduction, Fertility and Development
  • Sexual Health
  • Soil Research
  • Wildlife Research

Information for authors: CSIRO Publishing 

Any questions about this transformative agreement should be directed to