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Publishing strategy guide

Non-traditional research outputs

Non-traditional research outputs (NTROs) are counted as important research objects in several reporting and benchmarking exercises. It is therefore important to track NTROs the same as other research outputs.

NTROs are listed in the ERA Submission Guidelines and are important to include in ROS for the Annual Research Output Collection.

Consider minting a DOI to make sharing and tracking your works easier.

Eligible NTRO types

Eligible research output types include the following types of NTRO:

  • original creative works live performance of creative works
  • live performance of creative works
  • recorded/rendered creative works
  • curated of produced substantial public exhibitions and events
  • research reports for an external body
  • portfolio

To be eligible, NTROs must have become available publicly during the ERA 2018 research output reference period.

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