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Collection updates

The objective of this resource is to inform the UNSW community of changes to the Library Collection and open access publishing agreements in which the University participates.

JSTOR Path to Open Open Publishing Agreement (S2O)

Agreement duration: The UNSW agreement is from 1st January 2024 - 31st December 2026. 

Summary: JSTOR Path to Open Pilot has been developed in partnership with JSTOR, American Council of Learned Societies (ACLS), University of Michigan and Lyrasis. The growing collection includes peer-reviewed monographs in disciplines across the humanities and social sciences, with an emphasis on works that bring forward a range of perspectives and ideas. Path to Open is a new, multi-year pilot program designed to increase access to diverse ideas and research. It offers sustainable open access solutions, supports the nonprofit university press community, and invests in authors and their scholarship.

Titles included: Refer to the website for the latest JSTOR title list.

Information for authors: Path to Open books will be available DRM-free with unlimited user access. These titles will be integrated with other scholarly content on the JSTOR platform, where you’ll find thousands of books, journals, and primary source collections. For response times between submission and acceptance you should check the specific publisher guidelines for accurate information.

  • Releasing the first 100 titles in fall 2023, with 300 new titles added each year starting in 2024.
  • Making the books open access three years after publication, which benefits readers worldwide.

With this model, accepted articles from UNSW eligible corresponding authors will be published Diamond OA, meaning there are no author fees and the article will be immediately available.

Further information is available on the publishers website JSTOR Path to Open

Corresponding authors should not use personal email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) or email addresses affiliated with other organisations, research centres or institutes. Otherwise they may be ineligible under the terms of this agreement.

For any queries about this S2O agreement please use this short form.


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