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Collection updates

The objective of this resource is to inform the UNSW community of changes to the Library Collection and open access publishing agreements in which the University participates.

European Respiratory Society Open Access Agreement

Agreement duration: The UNSW agreement is from 1 July 2024 to 31 December 2025 (18 months).

Please note, UNSW corresponding authors can simply comply with the Open Access policy by retaining the rights to the Author Accepted Manuscript and depositing a copy into UNSWorks (via ROS) using a CC-BY licence.

Summary: European Respiratory Society (ERS) publishes 4 journals and monographs in respiratory medicine. One journal (European Respiratory Journal) is hybrid whilst the other three journals are listed as open access.

Agreement details: This agreement covers the European Respiratory Journal only.

Title included: European Respiratory Journal – Read & Publish (standalone).

Author eligibility: is in line with licence terms - all current UNSW researchers including HDR candidates. Affiliations are matched via institutional e-mail address.

Information for authors: Author submission workflow:

  • Author makes their submission.
  • Initial assessment is made by the Chief Editor: manuscript is rejected or approved for further review. 
  • If approved for review, the manuscript goes through admin checks. Manuscript may be returned to authors to address any issues.  
  • Chief editor makes an immediate accept/revision decision/assigns an associate editor (member of the editorial board in that area of expertise) to assess the submission. 
  • Associate editor makes immediate recommendation to the Chief editor/selects and invites peer reviewers (2-4 reviews required).
  • Associate Editor awaits reviews and makes their recommendation to the Chief editor (manuscript requires revision/reject/accept). 
  • Chief editor reviews the recommendation and either approves or returns to the editor for further review. 
  • First decision is sent to the authors (manuscript requires revision/reject/accept). 
  • For accepts, all authors are required to provide a copyright response, publication cannot take place until all authors provide a response. The editorial office will process the manuscript for publication and send a proof to the corresponding author in due course. 

Depending on the submission, a first decision can take several days, weeks, or months.

Eligible and exempted article types: Original research articles, Research letters, Correspondence articles, ERJ Methods articles and review articles (and corrections to any of these articles). Exempted article types: Editorials: official European Respiratory Society documents and articles that cannot be published open access (for instance when a third party holds copyright).

Acceptance date: 1 July 2024 to 31 December 2025 (18 months).

Number of included articles: There is no publishing limit on this agreement.

Sharing via repositories: Allowed, printed or electronic for educational purposes only.

How to submit your article for open access publishing: 

  1. The UNSW corresponding author should follow the usual article submission process via the European Respiratory Journals website.

  2. On acceptance of the article, the publisher will ask the corresponding author to complete a form (publishing agreement).

  3. On acceptance of the manuscript, the payment system will allow UNSW corresponding authors to choose UNSW as their institution and remove the open access fee. Articles from authors at participating institutions will be published under a CC BY or CC BY-NC licence.

  4. To comply with the Open Access policy the UNSW corresponding author will need to retain the rights to either the Published Version of Record or Author Accepted Manuscript, and deposit into UNSWorks using a CC BY licence.

Corresponding authors should not use personal email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) or email addresses affiliated with other organisations, research centres or institutes. Otherwise they may be ineligible under the terms of this agreement.

For any queries about this open access publishing agreement please use this short form.

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