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Collection updates

The objective of this resource is to inform the UNSW community of changes to the Library Collection and open access publishing agreements in which the University participates.

Taylor and Francis Path to Open Publishing Agreement (Pilot)

Agreement duration: The UNSW agreement is from 1st January 2024 to 31 December 2024. This is a pilot agreement for 2024 and will be dependent on participating institutions.

Summary: This agreement includes 7 key issue-based collections from Routledge and CRC Press Imprints. Each collection includes 10 frontlisted titles which will be made Open Access according to funding targets per collection. Collections will be across all discipline areas. Full length monographs, including both authored and edited books.

Titles included: 

  • Green Renewable Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Pandemic
  • Women’s Health and Rights
  • Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • Race and Racism
  • Populism and Extremism

Information for authors: CC BY NC ND preferred. Authors also retain copyright of their work. The full title selection for each collection will only be announced by the end of the pledging period (July 2024). Taylor and Francis aim to gradually announce titles as and when each collection reaches the funding threshold. For response times between submission and acceptance you should check the specific publisher guidelines for accurate information.

Corresponding authors should not use personal email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) or email addresses affiliated with other organisations, research centres or institutes. Otherwise they may be ineligible under the terms of this agreement. Affiliation will be via current UNSW institutional email address.

For any queries about this S2O agreement please use this short form.



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