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Collection updates

The objective of this resource is to inform the UNSW community of changes to the Library Collection and open access publishing agreements in which the University participates.

Liverpool University Press Subscribe to Open Publishing Agreement (S2O)

Agreement duration: The UNSW agreement is from 1st January 2022 - 31st December 2023. News of whether Liverpool University Press has reached their target for 2024 is still forthcoming.

Summary: Liverpool University Press is a non commercial university press publishing in the humanities and social sciences fields of research.

Titles included: Town Planning Review, International Development Planning Review.

Information for authors: The Subscribe to Open (S2O) agreement allow UNSW Library to subscribe to the journals that UNSW requires. Subscription payments go to support open access publication rather than read only access. With this model accepted articles from UNSW eligible corresponding authors will be published Diamond OA, meaning there are no author fees and the article will be immediately available under a CC-BY licence. For journal response times between submission and acceptance you should check the specific journal guidelines for accurate information.

Sharing via repositories: This agreement aligns with UNSW's Open Access policy and authors can upload their Author Accepted Manuscript (AAM) and link to the publisher version/PDF.

Corresponding authors should not use personal email addresses (e.g. Hotmail, Gmail) or email addresses affiliated with other organisations, research centres or institutes. Otherwise they may be ineligible under the terms of this agreement.

For any queries about this S2O agreement please use this short form.

Tags: open access publishing, scholarly publishing, transformative agreement